3 Things You Will Learn About Blogging

You try all the tips on blogging you read and it has little effect on your blog traffic right?

You are at a loss as to what you have to do to have a successful blog and start making some real money online.

You’re not alone.  There are many bloggers scratching their heads wondering why some things work for them and others don’t.  In fact, I’m one of them.

I’ve launched several profitable sites in profitable niches and followed the same strategy for building profitable websites that I had developed over years of trial and error.  Some sites do extremely well and become profitable within a few short months and I have had to shutdown others because they were not viable.

Why was this occurring?

There was no simple answer to this question but here’s what you will learn about blogging.

  1. Quality of Content doesn’t appear to matter
  2. The Internet works in mysterious ways
  3. You have to blog about what people are interested in

I know you’re saying hold on there!  Quality of content does matter right?

Yes, the quality of the content does matter but haven’t you noticed there is a lot of amazing content available on the Internet?  People are often inundated with content from many different sources.  It is very easy a great piece of content to be missed.

How can you avoid having your great content go unnoticed?

That’s the $64,000 question.  A lot of it has to do with luck and timing.  Writing a blog article at the right time on a topic happening right now gives it a better chance of getting noticed.  Having a single article re-tweeted by an individual with considerable social influence, captured in Google News of finding its way atop of Digg will swamp your site with traffic.

If you haven’t already realized this phenomenon, you’ve been sleeping.

The new social bookmarking sites and social media sites have changed the face of the Internet for ever.  The Internet definitely works in mysterious ways.

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube have forever changed the way the Internet will operate.  Consumers are now active participants in what they see as being important and in promoting those things to their social streams.

There are few patterns to predict what users will find appealing or important.  Many things just happen on this new social Internet.  There’s no making sense to why things just happen and go viral.

In order to have any sense of success in blogging, you have to write about what is important to people and what interests them.

To become a better blogger means becoming more perceptive as to what is taking place online.  Monitoring Twitter for trending topics, watching what appears at the top of Digg and which videos are being watched on YouTube provide valuable glimpses of what is happening in the now.

What is important to your readers one day may have no bearing on what is important the next.  The new social internet is so dynamic it changes every couple of hours.

Don’t believe me?

Watch what is trending on Twitter and try to find some connection between the topics.  It will be practically impossible to find any connections between what people are finding interesting at any given moment.

Learn how to capitalize on what people want to read about and you will become a successful blogger.  You will see an increase in your traffic.  You will see your readers and followers increase.  Resist the temptation to write about what is interesting to you and write what will interest your readers.

Once you’ve gained experience in blogging and in recognizing what works for your particular niche, you will become a more successful blogger.

Don’t forget to share some of your tips and tricks below.  Let me know what you’ve learned from blogging.

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