5 SEO Myths to Keep in Mind While Blogging

Who’s responsible for the SEO of your blog?  If you have just started blogging, chances are you are, just like every other novice blogger.

Basic SEO isn’t difficult but it is time consuming and in order to have success you have to put in the necessary time to rank well.  It is just like any other skill.  The more you practice, the better you become at optimizing your site and your content.

Many bloggers such as you take the do-it-yourself approach to SEO.  There’s nothing wrong with this approach but you have to avoid some of the myths and misconceptions.

Keep these 5 Myths of SEO in mind when optimizing your site.

  1. The more sites that link to you, the higher your site will rank.
    While it is true each inbound like to your site counts a vote towards how important the search engines deem your site, you have to consider where these links come from and the type of traffic it is likely to generate.  Links provide users from other sites a direct path to your site.  The more relevant the links, the more likely a visitor will find your content interesting and visit in the future.
  2. High traffic means high search rankings.
    Search engines have no idea of knowing how many visitors your website is receiving.  Your traffic sources may come from other inbound links or from targeted advertising campaigns.  Having high traffic to a site will not guarantee high search rankings.  Other factors play that role.
  3. Ranking #1 in the search results is a sign you can stop optimizing.
    The obvious question is what is your site ranking #1 for?  Unless your site is ranking #1 for meaningful and targeted keywords, the #1 ranking is irrelevant.
  4. Care has to be taken to avoid getting banned from the search engines.
    Unless you do something very blatant, it is very difficult to have your site banned from the search engines.  In fact even being assessed a penalty is unlikely.
  5. Metatag keywords and keywords in content will get us ranked well.
    Metatag keywords have been shown to have little to no influence on search rankings.  Including keywords in your content is also not enough to rank well for some competitive keywords.  There are hundreds of factors that go into determining how well a site ranks and keywords are just one of those factors.

SEO is a necessary evil for you as a blogger.  It is something you will have to pay attention to and do if you are to have any blogging success.

It is important you understand the basics and realize it is not all about how well your site ranks in the search engines.  Don’t forget the social aspect of your site.  Don’t write your content for the search engines; write it for your readers.

Both blogging and SEO successes don’t happen overnight.

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