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Are you making money online?

Are you struggling to find a successful formula for making money online?

Do you want more traffic to your website?  Are you looking for ways to develop online relationships and leverage the social internet?

Barry Wheeler – Blogging for Success provides straightforward ways, suggestions and insights on how to build your online presence and increase your chances of success.

Developing blog content is just the beginning.  Becoming successful online requires a strategic approach and hard work with a twist of luck thrown in for good measure.

Blogging for Success is what this site is about.

If it’s engaging content, more traffic, more readers and strategies to help you make more money online, you’ve come to the right place.



I was one of three partners that built a successful offline computer consulting firm specializing in network design, application development and systems integration that operated for over 15 years before closing in 2010.

I have always been fascinated with developing relationships whether from volunteering with community groups or with organizations I was involved with.   The social interaction with people of many different personalities intrigued me.

Enter social networking and social media into the picture after the dot com crash.  Consumers were now given the power to produce their own content and a new social internet evolved.

The new social internet allowed for a whole different degree of social interaction and engagement.  It allowed for the development of a much larger social influence and successful bloggers leveraged this new found influence all the way to the bank.

And while I had recognized this new social internet unfolding, I was a little late to the game but in 2009 started to get serious about building a successful online presence.  Now I spend my time reading, experimenting and learning as this whole world changes before my eyes.

I enjoy sharing what I learn with other likeminded people interested in making money online and affecting change in how people perceive this new social revolution occurring online.

I’ve started Blogging for Success.   Have you?

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