Advertising versus Marketing

Many businesses mistakenly view advertising and marketing as the same business activity.  For many business owners this perception exists primarily because advertising is the most visible aspect of marketing seen impacting the revenues of a business.

Marketing is much more than advertising.  Marketing is the activities that define a company in terms of its image, products, services, advertising, promotions and ultimately its sales.  It is a multi-faceted and strategic approach designed to identify and maintain ongoing relationships with customers.  It is the activity in which a business will interact with the general public and quite often it is through marketing activities that the public becomes aware of a business.

Marketing is also about identifying new business opportunities and positioning the company or organization to take advantage of those opportunities.  Whether it is through new product development, implementation of new services or a new mechanism for interacting with clients, it goes well beyond one-dimensional advertising.

Internet marketing carries this one step further.  Companies must be concerned with many different factors that come into play on their corporate image or what’s been dubbed online reputation management..  The speed at which both positive and negative items can propogate around the world has major potential to influence the marketplace, either making or breaking the success of any marketing campaign.

It also adds many additional facets to traditional marketing.  Businesses must not only embrace the changing demographics brought to light by the revitalization of the Internet, but utilize emerging technologies and platforms such as Twitter and FaceBook.  They must utilize strategic marketing strategies that not only utilize the social networks developing but exploit them to gain a competitive advantage.

While it is true that advertising is still important for a business, it should only be one component of the marketing effort for a company.  In fact, with the impact of online operations becoming more significant on business operations, the advertising component of a marketing campaign must also utilize the Internet to be effective and to reach as many people as possible.

Remember, keep things in perspective.  Marketing is composed of advertising and a whole lot more.  If utilized effectively, marketing initiatives can greatly contribute to the success of a business.

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