Alexa Ranking Update #2

It’s now been two months since I’ve implemented a trick that I knew would ultimately increase the Alexa ranking of my site.  My position hasn’t changed about Alexa, I still think it is a useless metric and provides little insight into how successful a site actually is.

For those who are unfamiliar with Alexa, it is a web metric company owned by Amazon.  It tracks which websites users visit, how long they stay on these sites and what they supposedly do while there.  It uses the Alexa Toolbar as its primary source of data coollection but this ranking can be easily manipulated.

I care nothing about my Alexa ranking but many have emailed and wondered how implementing a known trick to increase the Alexa ranking was working for me.

Prior to showing how the Alex ranking could be manipulated, I recorded my Alexa ranking:

  • Canadian Ranking – 26,896
  • Global Ranking – 1,638,290
  • US Ranking – 1,000,192

Last month I provided and update on how I had increased my Alexa ranking which showed the following:

  • Canadian Ranking – 23,873
  • Global Ranking – 738,058
  • US Ranking – 383,919

Another month has passed and my Alex ranking has seen some dramatic improvement:

  • Australia 34,556
  • Canada 36,257
  • Philippines 50,146
  • United Kingdom 139,934
  • India 161,450
  • United States 436,397
  • Global Ranking 385, 349

I’m now ranking impressively throughout a variety of locations in the world and while both the United States and Canadian rankings have changed for the worst, the Global Ranking has improved  dramatically.

Why the difference this time?

I’m not 100% sure whey there has been such a dramatic shift globally.  Traffic has increased approximately 25% since I’ve started this experiment overall.  I have started some link building and have been actively promoting the site which has accounted for the increase in traffic.

Some would be impressed with their Alexa ranking improvements but for me, this is just another metric to be worried about.  This experiement clearly shows the ranking can easily be altered without much effort.

What’s your thoughts on these improvements in the Alexa Ranking?  Do you think it’s a fair representation?

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6 Responses to Alexa Ranking Update #2

  1. Ned Carey says:

    While I agree that Alexa probably isn’t very accurate. It is a third party metric. And that gives you something to measure your improvement by.

    Of course if you are going to make changes to improve you Alexa score you are no longer comparing apples to apples and it becomes useless.

    • Hi Ned,

      I agree, this update does make it somewhat of a moot point about improved rankings. The changes are definitely impacted by the modifications.

      The whole reason I made the change was in response to a long discussion thread I had been participating in on an Internet marketing forum. It’s more of an ongoing saga with a few people I network with that prompted this little series.

      Thanks for your input and for stopping by!


  2. Hi Barry,
    I agree your stand point. I provide more insight to increase page rank instead Alexa ranking. Since we have couple of rank metric sites on road, nothing looks streamlined scale to estimate site value as common centric driven.

    Example, Technorati, Compete, Quantcast, Alexa and so on. Everyone provide different figures. I believe if you increase your page Rank (Because site’s page indexing driven ) ultimately it increases your site metrics. My goal is to obtain page rank.

    Thanks for your post- Manickam

    • I feel the same way. However, my Google Tool Bar on FireFox no longer supports the page rank feature. I wish I had not upgraded FireFox! I am on a Mac with both Safari and FireFox…. any suggestions on how to read page rank figures on sites that I visit now?

  3. Edmund says:

    One of my problem is about the hosting company which the server sometimes is up and down. This make the page rank influenced (usually the page rank is down) due to unstable hosting server.

    I was too lazy to make link buildings, hoping that I loved organic search. But now, I should actively make link buildings, I guess.

    BTW, thanks for your sharing.

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