Are all My Websites Successful?

After receiving several emails while away on vacation asking if all my websites are successful, I thought about the best way to answer this question.  This caused me to think about everything that I’ve done online and how one would deem a website successful.

Is a website successful if it receives an enormous amount of traffic?  Is a website successful if it makes money?  Is a website successful if it provides valuable information in a particular niche?

Using this as a starting criteria, are all my websites successful?  The answer is no.

I would say that I’ve had far more failures than successes and most sites I develop will only generate revenues to cover the costs associated with web hosting and domain registration.

Why then, do I keep developing websites if I know the vast majority are going to fail?

For me developing a website is about learning.  As I said, I’m a relative newbie in the world of making money online and for me the best way I learn is by doing something.  For example, if I want to learn about SEO techniques, I experiment with different things and see what works and what doesn’t work.  Once I strike upon a technique that shows results, I implement those techniques on my more successful sites.  For me, it’s about doing rather than just reading about it.

I am experimenting with many different things at any given time.  It’s just how I operate.

Nobody said that making money online was easy work.  There’s always something to do and always something to learn.  Having the initiative to keep at it and keep plugging away at something new will hopefully payoff in the future.

I do have some sites that are successful when measured against the criteria above.  It is those website successes that keep me going.

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