Are Micro Niche Adsense Sites Viable Revenue Sources?

One of the most popular questions received through my blog is about making money online using Google Adsense.  Some of the questions has come from my series on building profitable websites while others have come from people criticizing me about the value some place on Adsense revenue.

There are many people having great success with Google Adsense and micro niche sites.  They target small niches with several advertisers and dominate search with long tail search terms.  Sites are designed to maximize clicks on ads and maximize revenue for the site owners.

Each site generates $30 – $150 revenue per month depending on the niche and people running these types of micro sites derive their high Adsense earnings from 20, 30 and in some cases 100 plus of these sites.

Micro niche sites work.  I run several such sites and generate between $30 – $100 revenue from each per month.

Google has however upped the ante in search.  Many micro niche owners discovered this when Google introduced Google Panda as part of its agorithm.

Google Panda was just one of several algorithm updates designed to attack sites that offered little value to readers or that were made entirely for Adsense operations.

Sites that used PLR articles, spun content and offered a poor user experience were heavily penalized and the revenue stream of those site owners was pretty much wiped away.

Sites that offered a great user experience and engaging content survived Panda.

In recent updates, Google has introduced the freshness factor.  Sites that were not being updated or based on stagnant content saw some of their search rankings drop.

How will this impact micro niche sites?

The strategy around micro sites is simple.  Build a site that will rank well based on profitable longtail search phrases, build content around those keywords, publish and then forget the site once it ranked.

Sounds easy but with the freshness factor being combined with the implications of Google Panda, site owners must ensure their sites remain relevant, offering content on a regular basis.  Site owners now running hundreds of sites will have a major task to keep the sites updated and ranking.

At least that’s how I see it playing out.

Yet, I still think micro niche adsense sites are viable revenue sources.  It just means you have to adapt your approach and offer something more than a bit of content around some profitable keywords.

Continue to reach out to your users at least on some level, provide some value and at least engage on some level.

Ultimately, I still believe the true value of making money online lays in the building relationships with your readers.

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5 Responses to Are Micro Niche Adsense Sites Viable Revenue Sources?

  1. I agree, it’s still a very viable option to have micro sites, but the more you update the better, I noticed across all my websites, the ones I Update daily or weekly went up, where as the ones I hadn’t updated in months went down. It doesn’t have to be huge updates, but small weekly updates on the subject can be quick, easy and worth it!

  2. Ardorm says:

    I personally do not want or have ever used micro-sites. I have my regular duties and Internet is a place where I can sort of “rest” and not another way to make money. So, my blog is entirely for the joy; though I did put Adsense and it seems to work just perfect. 😉

    But I don’t see the problem in staying “fresh”. YouTube is a perfect place to find the content you are writing about represented in another way. Just write a couple of lines about the video and share it on your micro-site. Updating this way won’t be difficult even with 20 sites… 🙂

  3. I agree, whatever site you have, be it a big one or a small one, building relationships with your readers and interacting with them is very crucial, or else no one would ever bother visiting your site in the future.

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