Are You Destroying Your Site With Backlinks?

You probably already know backlinks are the basic building blocks of good search engine optimization.  However, what you probably don’t know is you may be destroying your website with your linking strategy and the type of backlinks being used.

Okay, so now that I’ve got your attention, let’s look at some of the fundamentals of link building.

Backlinks are directed to your site and count as a vote of trust in the content you provide.  The more votes you have, the more popular your site will appear to the search engines and the higher your site will rank.

Each backlink has an associated anchor text.  The closer this anchor text is for your keywords and the content being linked to the better.  Relevancy of the link increases even more if it comes from a site where the content/domain is related to your niche.

Link building isn’t easy.  Finding relevant links is even more difficult.  This has lead to many link building services offering quality backlinks for bargain basement prices.

Yeah right!

There is no such thing as quality backlinks at bargain basement prices.  What these services typically provide are low quality links located on sites with little or no relevancy to your niche.  They are on pages that have been spammed by every other bargain basement link building service.

As such, these links are seen as poor quality in the eyes of the search engines.  Many are profile links from every known niche on the internet.  Many are contained on pages with very little content and very little relevancy to you site.

What’s the effect of such link building practices?

The whole idea of building backlinks to your website is to improve your ranking in the search engines.  These poor quality links will have little or no ability to do this.

Too many of these types of links will eventually raise alarms with the search engines, especially Google.  You may find your website being penalized or completely de-indexed from the search index because of poor linking (spam) practices.

Many of these links will ultimately be removed by the site administrators or made “nofollow” meaning they will have no affect on your site ranking.  You will have spent money for nothing.

What are your options for obtaining backlinks?

You can start by making your content link worthy.  If your content is unique and compelling, people will want to link to it because it will provide some value to their readers.  There is a higher chance it will be shared on social networks and provide you additional sources of traffic and more social authority – a factor that is coming much more important for ranking.

Explore guest posting as an option.  Once you’ve established yourself as a blogger and have built credibility, explore other blogs and submit guest posts.  This provides you an additional audience as well as the ability to link back to your own site in the guest blogger bio.

Bottom line when it comes to link building and obtaining backlinks to your site.  Remember, relevancy and quality are more important over quantity.  Practice safe linking practices and develop a sound internal linking strategy.

Your site will ultimately benefit from these sound practices.

If you have any link building tips you would like to share, drop a comment below or if you would like to link to me, it would be appreciated *smiles*!

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