Become a Better Blogger by Pefecting Your Writing

Do you want to become a better blogger?  Do you want to start having some blogging success?

Of course you do!  Who doesn’t want to become a better blogger?

If you are like me, you are always thinking of ways to improve your blog and things you can write about.  My monitor is filled with sticky notes of ideas I want to explore and write about.  These ideas prompt me to read research and ultimately write for my blogs.

Blogging is a skill just like every other skill.  In order to become a better blogger you have to practice this skill.  It means spending hours upon hours reading, researching, writing and revising.

Develop your own style but take inspiration from those who have built a successful career from blogging.

Examine what some of the A-List bloggers are doing on their blogs.  Pay attention to their writing style.  The A-List bloggers not only provide lots of valuable hints and suggestions to help you become a better blogger but provide some insight into hot and trending topics.

You don’t want to duplicate what these bloggers are doing but it will provide you with an idea of what they see as important.

Pick a topic and start writing.  Once you’ve finished your first draft, put it aside and take a much deserved break.

Come back and read your draft aloud.  Yes, you read that right … aloud.  It will give you a feel for how the sentences flow and how the article reads as a whole.

Does the entire article have consistency?  Does the article relate to your chosen topic?  Does the article tell a story or provide information your reader will be interested in?

All important questions if you want to perfect your blogging technique and keep your readers coming back for more.

Revise your article where necessary.

This will become your ritual when writing for your blog.  Practice makes perfect.  You will become a better blogger the more you write.  The more you write the more content on your blog.  More content feeds the search engines and keeps your readers coming back just to check what’s new.

When writing keep a few simple rules in mind:

  • write each sentence with a single idea in mind
  • write with an active tone, not passive
  • write for your readers, not the search engines

Yes, it is a lot of work to becoming a better blogger.

No one said blogging for success was going to be easy right?

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