Becoming a Better Blogger

How do you distinguish yourself from the thousands of other bloggers online?  Everyone is looking for an angle and putting their spin on many of the same old topics but there are some having more success than others.

Why are some bloggers successful and others struggling?

Becoming a better blogger isn’t necessarily about having a gimmick nor is it about getting lucky.  It is about being professional and reaching out to your readers on a consistent basis.  It’s about working hard and doing what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Take a look at some of the A-list bloggers.

What do they all have in common?  Why do these bloggers earn a fulltime salary online and have the social influence they do?  Why are they considered authorities in the niche they occupy?

They all have some things in common that make them better bloggers.  They all take an approach to blogging that makes them appear professional when someone lands on their sites.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re considering entering this world that may help you become a better blogger.

  1. Avoid using free blogging platforms.  If you are going to be serious about becoming a blogger, why are you considering using a free blogging platform?  These may be okay for the hobby blogger but to become a better blogger you need complete control over your design, content and monetization.  Free blogging platforms have certain terms of service that may impose limitations on what you can do and if you violate this, you may find your blog shutdown and all your hard work is gone.
  2. Invest in a domain name and a hosting account.  These items are relatively inexpensive.  You can get a domain name for under $10 and a hosting account for under $5 per month.  This is a small investment for anyone serious about becoming a better blogger.  You have full control over your blog and its direction plus it allows you to develop your brand.  You can change the look and feel as well as monetize it as you see fit.  Having your own domain and hosting account is a small price to pay for becoming a better blogger.
  3. Write about something people care about.  Just because you have an interest in a particular topic doesn’t mean it’s a great idea for a blog.  Find a topic that interests you and will have interest for readers.  Not only will this make it easier for you to develop quality content but will motivate you to read more.  Additionally it will also make it much easier to engage your readers and develop rewarding relationships with them.

Keep these simple tips in mind if you are thinking about becoming a better blogger.  Sometimes this will often mean re-evaluating the things you are doing and the approach you are taking, making adjustments and taking chances.

What are you doing to become a better blogger?  Have any tips you would like to share?

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