Bell Expressvu Receiver with External Hard Drive – Record one Channel Watch Another?

In the blog article Upgrade Your Receiver with an External Hard Drive I talked about adding an external hard drive to your Bell Expressvu 6141 HD Receiver to activated the PVR functionality of the receiver.  This article has attracted a large amount of interest and I’ve been very happy with the PVR functionality that this has added.

However, last night I tried to watch one channel and record another – after all that is part of the functionality of a true PVR (or so I thought).  To my surprise, I was not able to do this, but yet I known friends and family who have done this with their receivers.  The difference, they have the Bell Expressvu 9000 series receivers and a few of the older Bell Expressvu PVR setups which have dual tuners.

The Bell Expressvu 6141 HD Receiver is a single tuner receiver.  That means with the PVR functionality enabled through adding an external hard drive, you can still only record one channel at a time – the one you are watching or the one that you setup to record  via a timer at a later date/time.  This was a bit disappointing but overall, I’m still quite happy with the PVR functionality that I got by adding an external hard disk drive to my Expressvu 6141 receiver.

Remember, if you are looking at getting an external hard drive for your receiver, and you want to watch one channel while recording another channel, ask your Bell Expressvu sales representative if your receiver has a dual tuner – it’s required to do what you want.

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One Response to Bell Expressvu Receiver with External Hard Drive – Record one Channel Watch Another?

  1. Andy Kooistra says:

    I got hard drive hooked up and formatted to a 9242. The menu indicates it is there and ready but how do I get the pvr to record on the hard drive ? Thanks

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