Bell Expressvu Receiver Lock Ups

Back some time ago I purchased a Bell Expressvu 6141 Receiver and turned it into a PVR by adding an external hard drive.  Things have been working great for 5 months and the family loves the functionality that it adds to our viewing options.

However, this past weekend the receiver locked when my daughter had paused live TV.  It took me about 20 minutes to get the system running again.  The solution for the locked Bell Expressvu receiver was to remove the external hard drive, unplug the receiver and wait for the program guide to download.

Upon plugging in the external hard drive to the Bell Expressvu 6141 receiver again and exploring through the recorded programs.  The external hard drive was no where near capacity according to the PVR information displayed.  The receiver locked once again and again, I had to unplug the receiver.

Why had the Bell receiver locked?

I unplugged the external hard drive, plugged it into my Linux system and started exploring through the file structure.  The Bell receiver formats the drive as an EXT3 file type and I’ve regularly used Linux to explore through the drive.

To my surprise, the drive was near capacity and what looked like a very large temporary file had been created.  I deleted the file and plugged the external drive from my computer and plugged the external drive back into the Bell Expressvu receiver.  This time, the receiver continued to function normally and the receiver did not lock and continues to function without any problems.

What is peculiar is the receiver still reports the same amount of space available for recording with the PVR function.  My guess is the receiver ignores the temporary files used for pausing live TV but whatever happened, the size of the file put the drive near capacity.  Many people have sent me emails and have commented on other posts about the Bell Expressvu receivers locking when the drive is near capacity.

I’ll definitely explore this theory a little more over the next few days.

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3 Responses to Bell Expressvu Receiver Lock Ups

  1. Roy says:

    What application did you use to browse the harddrive? I have had the same problem when I accidentally tried to transfer too much data to the drive and now I cannot look at it with a PC, Mac or Linux computers.

  2. Roy says:

    I have another drive, also a Bell recommended Lacie 750GB (to satisfy the maximum size limit). It will stop working when it reaches about 35% capacity. At this point, I cannot add new files or delete files but I can transfer them back to the PVR and then I can again add a file or delete a file. Any thoughts on what may be happening to create this problem?

  3. Roy says:

    An update to my earlier comment. Using a Linux computer and some file management software (I don’t know which one). I randomly deleted one program (or directory containing a show and its related files) and now all the remaining programs are visible, watchable, transferable and deletable. I have uploaded new shows to the drive and it all works fine. I will just take extra care to avoid overloading the drive.

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