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If you’ve landed here you’re probably looking for blog post ideas?

Every blogger strikes writers block and struggles coming up with new ideas for writing.  Having an original post idea can be challenging and there are days when putting the pen to paper is extremely difficult.

How do you overcome the inability to find new blog post ideas?

For me there are some days when no matter how hard I try, coming up with something new to write about is impossible.  Then there is the day when there are so many ideas focusing on one is impossible.

However, developing content is crucial for the success of any blog and overcoming the lack of blogging ideas is required.

Here are a few things to do if you’re looking for inspiration.

  1. Visit your favourite discussion forum.  A quick read down through some of the topics and conversations on forums will give you some idea as to what is going on right now.  You may discover conversations about a recent happening or find a new tool to write about.  Engage in the conversation and take guidance from the interaction in finding inspiration for your latest blog post.
  2. Visit your favourite blogs.  Reading what others have to say and looking at alternate points of view will draw you into conversations.  You may feel compelled to comment or head to Twitter to get a feel for the conversation around a particular idea.
  3. Monitor the social networks.  Take note of what’s trending on Twitter or what’s being discussed in your Facebook newsfeed.  This will provide you a sense of what’s happening in the “now” and may spark a post idea at anytime.
  4. Relax and observe.  Going for a walk and relaxing will sometimes cause you to find inspiration in the strangest of places.  Take a pen and some paper with you just in case you have an idea.  Jot down the thoughts that could potentially lead to a blog post.
  5. Provide and update on a project.  Examine some of your latest works and provide an update on a project you have started.  It not only provides you with content but allows your readers to follow up with the progress you’re making.

It is essential you write original content, even if you have to borrow an idea from elsewhere.  The content has to be original but the idea can come from any number of sources.

What are some of the ways you overcome writer’s block?  Tell me how you come up with your post ideas for your blog.  I would love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Blog Post Ideas

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Barry,

    I recently came up with about 15 blog posting ideas for my new hockey fundraising blog. I was impressed at how easily they came to me. Maybe that’s newbie luck, but I don’t entirely think so since the source constantly renews itself.

    Here is what I did!

    The questions I asked myself to tap into this pool of ideas were … gee what would my clients/website visitors really like to hear? Next, I asked myself, what are we already talking about together in real life on the phone and in emails? That was the ticket.

    When I’m on the phone speaking to a fundraising parent/organizer, I always have a large range of neat little stories I share with them. So I think that if blogging authors or business blogging authors ask themselves this question, they would be really impressed at the answers they will find. I know I was.

    Now that I’m on-to the source, I’ll be better able to recognize new blog post ideas as new fun scenarios occur in my day to day business interactions.

    Keep authoring friends, I hope this helps to inspire.

    Elizabeth Urlacher
    Hockey Spirit Fundraising Ltd.
    Blogroll starts next week!

    • Elizabeth,

      Great tips. What you’ve described will also go a long way to reach out to your readers. It will make your blog personal and definitely help you on the social level, a major plus when it comes to the new way the search engines are ranking content.

      Great suggestions and thanks for stopping by!


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