Blogging is Hard Work

“So you’re a blogger”, that was a comment from someone that I bumped into at a local department store – someone who had apparently stumbled upon my blog while searching for a hockey website that I run.

“Yes, I’m a blogger”, was my response.  It wasn’t that I hid the fact that I blog, I’ve been doing it for some time in several different venues but in the last few months I’ve concentrated on developing my personal blog.

For those that think otherwise, blogging is hard work.  Getting motivated to write, chosing a subject, researching topics and of course – engaging your readers – is something that takes considerable thought.  Content can at times come naturally, but it’s the engagement and relationships that you build with your readers is what takes the time and the effort.

For me, it goes beyond having an interest or an opinion in a particular topic.  Hell, I’m one of the most opinionated people that I know but that doesn’t build a readership.  Developing content that is engaging and that gives back to the readers is what I’m attempting to do, and given the interaction that I’ve had with people through comments, email, Twitter and other social media sites, those that do visit my blog enjoy what I offer.

Blogging is definitely hard work but then anything that is rewarding is.

Those people that continually profess they have systems that will make you rich in a few weeks, or that will allow you to make $1,000 a day are typically full of bullshit.  Success in this environment doesn’t come overnight.  It takes time and effort to experiment, fail, experiment, have mediocre successes, experiment somemore and find the formula that works.

Success doesn’t come easy and there is no tried and true formula that will work every time.  There are techniques that will improve the chances of success and there will be opportunities to exploit certain situations that arise.  However, if someone promises you a proven technique to get rich quickly, the only thing that will happen is you will make someone else rich!

John Chow gets at this somewhat in his presentation “How I Make $40,000 a Month From a Blog“.  He talks about the work required to start an online business and the many hours that goes into it.  While he makes light of the fact he works 2-hours a day, he does hit the points of blogging being hard work.  I suggest that you watch this video to get a great understanding of what blogging is about and why some blogs don’t make money.

In over 20 years in business I’ve learned that success comes from hard work and dedication.  Blogging is no different.  Sure there will be those one or two exceptions but true success comes directly from the amount of effort you expend.  My most successful ventures have come from years of effort and the more that I involve and build relationships in those ventures, the more successful they become.

If you’re considering becoming a blogger and think you will get rich overnight because you bought some ebook telling you how to get rich from blogging – think again.

Why do I blog if it’s hard work?

Simple – I like the interaction with my readers, I like having a forum for my opinions and I am just a geek.  Writing is something that I have always enjoyed and blogging allows me to write.

Am I getting rich from blogging?

The simple answer is no.  I’m not getting anywhere near rich and I’m lucky if the revenue generated directly from my blog pays for the webhosting.  The experience and connections that I have made through blogging has enhanced several of my other businesses and ventures, plus have made me considerable contacts in the online world.

I’m using blogging as a way to build a following, enhance my knowledge in certain areas and expand my social network.  All the hard work that I’ve put into blogging is worth it and yes, I would say that I’m somewhat pleased with my blog’s progress this last 8 months.

I’m a newbie in the blogging community, and I’m experimenting with different things to add to my experience and to my reader’s experience.

Drop me a note and let me know what you would like to see in the future.  I’m open to any suggestions.

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