Building a Profitable Website – Developing Keyword Rich Content

Writing Keyword Rich ContentIn the last lesson in my series on Building a Profitable Website I talked about registering a domain name relevant to your chosen niche.

This lesson in Building a Profitable Website talks about building keyword rich content based on your previously developed long-tail keywords.  It talks about using hot topics in your niche and using these with your keywords to develop keyword rich content.

In my DIY Guide to Internet Marketing for Beginners I outlined the importance of writing effective content.  The Phrase “Content is King” is one many people uses to emphasize the importance of content.

Developing fresh, keyword rich content will produce better rankings in the search engines.  Writing fresh, keyword rich content is also difficult work.

In my DIY Guide to Internet Marketing for Beginners I talk about things like keyword stuffing, keyword density and keyword proximity.  If you are not familiar with those terms, download a copy of the guide and read over those sections.

Where do I get content for my profitable websites?

I never copy and paste content from another website.  This would result in duplicate content penalties in the search engines and defeats the entire purpose of developing keyword rich content.  Some people will manually rewrite things such as news articles, press releases and other blog posts.  By manually rewriting content webmasters can quickly develop a keyword rich article for their website.  Others use automated rewriting tools that produce content that is very cumbersome to read and often is ineffective.

There is much debate about the practice of rewriting content for use on another site.  There is no denying that it happens quite often and many question the ethical and legal implications that this will impose on a webmaster.  There are some who feel that this practice should never be used while others see the benefits.

The truth is that most research conducted will draw from several sources of information.  Writing content is hard work, especially if you want to develop unique and engaging content that provides your readers some benefit.  It will require several hours of research across many different sources, including things like news articles, press releases, magazines, books and other websites.

It is essential however, that when developing content that you resist the urge to copy and paste directly from another source.  The search engines will eventually detect such content as duplicate content from another site and will impose penalties, lowering how well your site will rank for those keywords.  Avoiding a duplicate content penalty is critical for ranking well for your selected keywords and attracting traffic to your site.

Do not destroy the potential of your profitable website by taking a short-cut.  Nobody said that making money online was going to be easy!

With that being said, it is now time to put pen to paper and develop some keyword rich content for your profitable website.

Select one of your long-tail keyword phrases and do some research.  Start by checking several of the major news sites such as Google News, CNN and Yahoo News.  You can also use Google to find press releases, visit the forums you’ve previously identified and examine what the competition is saying about that particular topic.

Once you have identified several good sources, read through the information and develop an angle that you feel would appeal to your readers.  Keep in mind some of the questions that people may be asking about those particular areas and write your content around something that will not only catch those readers’ attention in the search results but also provide valuable information to keep them coming back.

For example, in the niche I have indentified on Alzheimer’s disease, one of my long-tail keyword phrases is “Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment”.

Searching Google News I found a reference to the trials of a new Alzheimer’s drug treatment being halted because of patient deaths.  I read through several

related articles, researched the company and the actual clinical trials.  It took me approximately 1 hour to do enough research to write a short article of approximately 200 words and this research was the basis of my article titled – Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Causes Nine Deaths.

The long-term keyword phrase being targeted in this article is placed right up front in the title of the article.  I repeated this long-tail search phrase several times throughout the body of the article, giving a total keyword density of approximately 6 percent.  In theory, this article should rank well for the keyword phrase “Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment”.

The title that I selected for the article – “Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Causes Nine Deaths” – utilizes another technique to attract a reader’s attention.

It is a form of link-bait and serves to attract attention and hopefully encourage a few other websites to provide a one-way link back to my article.  Such eye catching titles can be effective at attracting readers from the search engines.

Developing keyword rich content is critical to the success of your website and its profitability.  Users who visit your site want to see value in what you offer and will reward you accordingly.  The more relevant your content is to what users are searching for the higher your success will be and the higher your profits will be.

Take time through this step and develop a writing style that will provide a unique experience and not simply regurgitate content from other websites.  Concentrate on the basics at first by focusing on your long-tail search keywords and develop adequate content that will create an appearance of activity on your site.  There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a site to find it has only one or two articles published.

When I start building a profitable website, I will generally develop 15 to 20 articles prior to my launch and will publish these over a period of time to create the illusion of activity and constant updates.  The beauty about blogging software and content management software is the ability to schedule articles to publish at a future date.  I generate the content and have the software publish it at set intervals and create an appearance of a very active site with active updates.

Developing keyword rich content takes more effort than many people think.  While the basic principles discussed in this article remain consistent across all websites, developing a writing style to allow a page to rank well and attract visitors from the search engines is not something that can be copied.


Homework for this lesson in Building a Profitable Website is going to take you some time.  Research and write 15 – 20 keyword rich articles for your long-tail search keywords.  Use approximately a 4 – 8 percent keyword density in your articles.

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