Building a Profitable Website – Google Sandbox Effect

Occupying a profitable niche and following my strategic approach to building a profitable website does not guarantee success.  It does however, increase a webmaster’s chances at having a profitable website and having long term success.

When creating a new profitable website, one phenomenon that you will more than likely experience is the Google Sandbox effect.

Webmasters entering extremely profitable niches with their websites often notice regardless of how hard they work at developing their content, optimizing for their keywords and building links to their sites, their website rankings rarely improve in Google’s search engine results.  What has been dubbed the “Sandbox Effect” is either a filter or penalty assessed by Google preventing sites in highly profitable niches from ranking well.

The existence of the Google Sandbox prevents people from bulding websites in highly profitable niches, using unethical optimization techniques to rank, spamming the search engines and then disgarding the sites when banned from the search engines.

Does the Google Sandbox exist?

There is no confirmation from Google regarding the existence of any penalties or filters applied to new sites.  There is too much evidence existing that proves there’s some sort of filter being applied to sites to say there is no Google Sandbox.

For example, one of my search terms in my new profitable website on Alzheimer’s disease ranks #3 in Bing.  The same search term in Google ranks nowhere in the top 500 results.  Another search term ranks #7 in Bing and nowhere in the top 500 results in Google.  Even using the exact titles of several articles I have written, my site rarely shows up in the Google results but show up #1 in Bing.


If you are building a profitable website in a highly competitive and profitable niche, it is almost a certainty that you will experience the Google Sandbox.  This is what frustrates most novice webmasters who are looking at making a quick buck.

My strategy for building a profitable website is aimed at the long term success of your website.

From my experience, a new website in a highly profitable niche will remain sandboxed for one to six months.  There have been some chatter around the various forums I visit that some people have experienced this effect for upwards of a year.

There is very little that webmasters can do to avoid the penalties assessed by Google.  It is important to keep focused and continue developing keyword optimized content and following the principles outlined in my Building a Profitable Website guide.

Continuing to improve the site and following the basic principles outlined while building a profitable website will mean a rapid rise through the search engine results once the Sandbox effect is lifted from your site.  Continue to add fresh, keyword rich content and add incoming links.  Do not despair there’s nothing that you can do.  Things will look up when your site is removed from the Google Sandbox.

I’ve said throughout my Building a Profitable Website series this involves work.  Google makes it a bit more challenging because of the Sandbox effect.

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