Building a Profitable Website – Installing WordPress

In the last Building a Profitable Website lesson I discussed web hosting and how it could impact your ability to make money online.

My latest lesson on building a profitable website involves installing and configuring the blogging platform WordPress which will be used to build our profitable website.

WordPress is perhaps the most popular blogging platform being used and it is one of the easiest way to create a dynamic website that is SEO friendly, easy to monetize and easy to maintain.  This makes WordPress one of the best choices for building a profitable website especially for those new webmasters wanting to make money online.

WordPress supports a variety of plug-ins to extend the functionality of the software and has a variety of templates available to change the appearance of your website.  There are many free plug-ins and templates available to help you build a profitable website.

If you purchased a web hosting plan from a web hosting company with cPanel and Fantastico, installing WordPress for your profitable website is extremely easy.  Once inside your cPanel control panel, you will find an icon similar to the one shown below allowing you to access the Fantastico Deluxe installation area.

Once you are inside the Fantastico Deluxe screen, one of the first options on the left hand side that you will use WordPress.  This will allow you to start installing WordPress for your new profitable website.

You will want to select “New Installation” to install WordPress for your new profitable website and provide the information asked before continuing the installation process.

You will be required to specify the following information:

– Install in Directory
– Administrator Username
– Administrator Password
– Administrator Nickname
– Administrator Email address
– Site Name
– Site Description

Typically you will leave the “Install in Directory” option blank to install WordPress in the main folder of your new profitable website.  This means that visitors to your website will simply need to specify your domain name of your profitable website you are going to create.  Some companies use WordPress in conjunction with other software and will install in a directory called “blog”.  This will mean visitors will access the website created using WordPress by including /blog at the end of the domain name.

The administrator username and password will be what you will use to access the WordPress Dashboard and maintain your profitable website.

The administrator nickname will show up as you add content to your new profitable website and the email address will be used to notify you as people comment on your content or if there are system messages about your site.

For your site name and description, use your keywords and some keyword phrases that describe your site.  This will show up in the search engines and will be important for the optimization of your site in later exercises.

For example, as my site name for my new profitable website, I used Alzheimer’s Disease Support and for the description of my site I used Alzheimer’s Disease Blog.  Using a name and description that contains keywords or keyword phrases helps with ranking in the search engines.

Click the “Install WordPress” button and the Fantastico Deluxe installation manager will check the information that you have entered to see if your profitable website can be installed.  If the items entered passes the installation checks, click “Finish Installation” and your WordPress blog will be installed.

Keep a record of the information given.  This will provide you with how to access the WordPress Dashboard and begin configuring WordPress for your new profitable website.

Installation of WordPress is simplified in this example by using Fantastico Deluxe.  Any novice webmaster can follow the simple instructions and begin creating their new profitable website in a few clicks.


Install WordPress blogging software for your new profitable website.

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