Building a Profitable Website – My Strategy

Building a profitable website involves a basic strategy I have created over the last few years.  It has allowed me to build websites relatively quickly, have them indexed in the major search engines and generating revenue.  It involves some work but I have seen very consistent results and some very profitable websites.

Continuing my series in Building a Profitable Website you will need to understand the basic strategy that I employ in order to proceed.  To build profitable websites involves the following steps:

Some may feel that this strategy for building profitable websites is oversimplified and others may feel that this method is too time consuming.  However, this method does work and will produce results.  I’ve proven it time and time again with the sites that I have launched as part of my revenue network.

This strategy for building profitable websites allows me to quickly gauge how well a site will perform throughout the first year of ownership because once I register the domain name I own it for at least 1 year.  Ultimately that is the time frame that I give myself to have a steady stream of revenue coming from the site.

This strategy for building profitable websites will be covered in future lessons.  Each of the items in the strategy will be expanded upon with detailed examples, resources and insights into helping you build a profitable website.

The overall goal for the Building a Profitable Website series is to provide readers and novice webmasters with “low-cost / no-cost” tools and resources to help build profitable websites.

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