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In my last lesson on Building a Profitable Website I talked about developing keyword rich content based upon your long-tail keyword search phrases.  This lesson in Building a Profitable Website discusses the implications of web hosting on your business.

To be successful online you must have reliable web hosting.  Nothing will impact the success or failure of your business more than having a web host that is unable to keep your website running.  No matter how well your content is optimized based on your keywords and how well your site is promoted, if your website is offline because of your web hosting provider.

Web hosting is what gives your profitable website a presence on the Internet.  You simply point your newly registered niche domain name to the domain name servers of your web hosting provider and once the other domain name servers are updated, your website address becomes live.

Web hosting is a very competitive and profitable business for those web hosting companies who offer a balance of great service, feature rich hosting and a reasonable price.

Because the web hosting niche is very competitive, many web hosting companies rely upon gimmicks to attract new customers.  Things such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 100 percent uptime guarantees at a price that really seems to good to be true are things to be avoided.

“Cheap web hosting” is just that – cheap.

When deciding to build a profitable website, there are things that you want to avoid when selecting a web hosting company.

Avoid the free web hosting services.  Many of these free web hosting services will insert random ads throughout your content, provide limited services and allocated limited resources to each user.  Performance on these “free web hosting” services tends to be well below average and having your users waiting for your site to load will not only frustrate them, but discourage them from returning.

Avoid web hosting companies that offer unrealistic product and service offerings such as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.  All resources on a server used for web hosting is limited and once that limit is reached, performance on the server degrades.  Web hosting companies that offer “unlimited” resources are asking for trouble.  Customers on these types of web hosting plans will eventually be impacted by poor web site performance.

Avoid web hosting companies that offer 100 percent uptime guarantees.  No web hosting company can offer this type of service.  No matter how good the web hosting company downtime does occur.  What matters is how long it takes a web hosting company to recover from an outage and how well they communicate with their customers.

Most web hosting companies offer a wide range of web hosting options including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

For most individuals starting off, a shared hosting account will be sufficient.  These are typically lower in cost and provide the necessary disk space and bandwidth to easily handle most websites.  Shared web hosting means you are sharing the server resources with hundreds of other webmasters such as yourself.

Reseller hosting is a more advanced web hosting option where you have the ability to “resell” resources allocated to you by your web hosting company.  These web hosting accounts will typically have a larger allocation of disk space and bandwidth.  As owner of the resources, you can sell a portion of this disk space and bandwidth to your own customers.

Each domain that your reseller account hosts becomes a separate shared account on the server.  Their bandwidth usage and disk space usage gets charged against the quota allocated to your reseller web hosting account.

Be careful when purchasing reseller web hosting accounts as a feature called “overselling” allows individual webmasters in theory, to sell more resources than they have been allocated.  This may result in servers becoming overloaded with many smaller shared web hosting accounts.

VPS web hosting is more a more advanced web hosting option.  VPS is an acronym for virtual private server and with this type of web hosting resources from a larger more powerful server is divided into smaller virtual servers.  Each virtual server is given a dedicated portion of the resources of the larger server.  Your web hosting server operates independently from other virtual servers.

Dedicated servers provide the one most power form of web hosting available to the online business.  In this type of web hosting environment you receive access to all the resources of a single server, including disk space, processing power and bandwidth.  You are not sharing the server resources with anyone else.

Personally, I have used shared web hosting, reseller web hosting and lately VPS web hosting in creating profitable businesses.  VPS and dedicated web hosting are more advanced and for the beginning webmaster a bit of overkill for most sites starting out.

If you are selecting a shared web hosting provider or a reseller hosting provider, look for web hosting companies that offer a backend management solution such as Web Hosting Manager / cPanel combinations with Fantastico.  Such web hosting allows for simple script installation and easy management with a web based interface.

From this type of web hosting interface you can perform all the management features associated with managing your website such as creating email addresses, viewing website statistics and installing software through Fantastico.

One of the best web hosting companies offering shared web hosting with cPanel and Fantastico is HostGator.  This web hosting company is feature rich and offers 7x24x365 support.

I realize that HostGator does offer “unlimited” bandwidth and “unlimited” disk space, something that I said to avoid.  However, HostGator web hosting has a fair usage policy where it strictly monitors system resources.  This fair usage policy sets out guidelines for use of resources and will suspend accounts that violate these terms of service.  Thus the sales gimmick of offering “unlimited” resources for both bandwidth and disk space is just that – a sales gimmick.

HostGator also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which I have discovered through experience this web hosting company does deliver.  Combine this with their 7x24x365 support, 45-day money back guarantee this web hosting company is a solid option for anyone looking at building a profitable website.

Finding a web hosting company that offers a balance of service and support, various hosting packages and is affordable is not that difficult.  Using a forum like Web Hosting Talk, you can quickly find offers from hundreds of web hosting companies as well as read reviews on these companies from other web hosting customers.


Select a web hosting provider and register for a web hosting account for the domain name you previously registered.  Change the domain name server addresses at your registrar to point your domain name to your new web hosting provider.

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