Business Coaching for the Results Oriented Business Executive

Having a business coach has become commonplace for many business executives.  Pressures associated with rapidly changing business environments have left many business executives struggling to achieve necessary results required to build successful businesses and advance their individual careers.

What’s unique about business coaching and why has it become so popular within the business community? The answer to this question is very simple!

Business coaches offer unique perspectives on how a business executive interacts with employees, clients and other businesses. Business coaches offer a third party view into the strengths and weaknesses of a manager without the formality or hierarchy normally associated with normal business relationship. Because of this third party view, the relationship between the business coach and the business executive is often an open and transparent dialogue that critiques an individual’s management style.

Often business coaches are independent and are not tied to the formality of any organizational structure.  This allows them to offer a unique perspective on what is taking place within the business from an objective and unbiased view.  This allows the business coach to empower a business executive into make decisions based on the goals of the organization and leverage these goals into personal successes.

The relationship between the business coach and the business executive is task oriented.  It produces measurable results that are focused on the strengths of the business executive and guidance to deal with identified weaknesses.

The relationship between a business coach and a business executive will provide personal growth opportunities for the manger while enhancing the organization.  It is often a more candid and “intimate” relationship that is not designed to solve all personal or corporate business problems.  It is meant to provide confidential and knowledgeable expertise designed to provide the business executive with guidance and direction into how to achieve organization objectives.

During the recent recession, a perception has developed that business coaches are an expensive luxury not required for the success of any business or business executive.  However, research conducted has shown that organizations employing the services of a business coach realize approximately a 600 percent return on investment over the costs associated with business coaching. This large ROI results from improved productivity, improved customer service and improved staff morale.  Additionally, business executives were found to be better equipped to deal with specific organization goals and became focused on achieving specific and measurable results.

Business coaching is successful at focusing leadership within an organization.  A business coach provides guidance and direction for the business executive my making them self-aware and accountable for their actions.  Business coaching works by helping remove obstacles blocking the achievement of organization goals.

By helping the business executive remove obstacles a business coach empowers and provides the manager with a mechanism to achieve personal success while achieving organizational success. In creating a manager’s self-awareness a business coach provides the opportunity for the business executive to better understand their surroundings and establish more realistic goals in-tune with organizational direction.

Ultimately, the business coach will hold the business executive accountable for reaching their specific goals.

Utilizing the skills of a business coach should never been seen as a sign of incompetence or weakness in the business executive.  In today’s fast paced world of business, executives seeking a business coach do so to optimize their own performance and enhance what they bring to an organization.  Using a business coach is more about being proactive and intentional about improving performance.  It is seen as a deliberate act to become more in line with organizational expectations and goals.

Business coaches offer a definite advantage to the progressive business manager.  Not only will it enhance the individual manager, it will enhance leadership and business growth.  Progressive business managers perceive business coaches as an investment in their own success by addressing individual shortcomings and enhancing strengths.

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