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Change in Direction

It’s been a long winding trip down the blogging highway and the time has come for me to take a new direction both personally and professionally.  As my regular readers have noticed I have not been actively blogging much lately, primarily due to the both personal and professional reasons. Barry WheelerBarry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites … Continue reading

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Corner Brook HR Company Joins the Web

There’s many small companies that grapple with whether or not they should have a web presence.  Many small business owners are sole proprietors or the mom-and-pop type companies that wonder what benefits having a “web presence” will have for them. Until recently, Corner Stone HR Inc located in Corner Brook, NL was one of these companies.  Offering Human Resources Consulting and Human Resources Services, Corner … Continue reading

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Domain Registry of Canada Solicitation or Scam?

Back several years ago I wrote a practice of the Domain Registry of Canada using a tactic known as domain slamming to obtain business.  This is where they arbitrarily use their position as a domain register, find the contact information of people who have registered domains and send them what looks like a very legitimate invoice.  While I feel this practice is highly unethical, what bothers … Continue reading

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The Best Setup for Internet Gaming

When it comes to gaming, there are certain things you can do to make it the best experience possible, like using convenient tools from Enjoy your game in style with these ideas for beefing up your bachelor pad. Have you ever had a friend critique your playing grounds? Have you ever had friends whose houses you wanted to stay at for hours just to … Continue reading

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Why PageRank Doesn’t Matter

Visit any internet marketing forum and you are guaranteed to stumble upon a thread about Google PageRank.  Members will boast they have seen an increase and others will complain theirs have dropped.  Others will wear their PageRank as a badge of honour because it is higher than others commenting on the topic at hand. What is the coveted PageRank value these people are talking about? … Continue reading

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Alexa Ranking Update #2

It’s now been two months since I’ve implemented a trick that I knew would ultimately increase the Alexa ranking of my site.  My position hasn’t changed about Alexa, I still think it is a useless metric and provides little insight into how successful a site actually is. For those who are unfamiliar with Alexa, it is a web metric company owned by Amazon.  It tracks which websites … Continue reading

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Virus Phone Scam – What it means to you

Have you gotten a phone call from someone claiming your computer has a virus or is sending our spam messages? It sounds legitimate.  They have your name, they know you have a computer and they really sound like they know what they are talking about. Here’s the best advice you will be given.  This is a phone scam. Hang up your phone immediately. Do not … Continue reading

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Alexa Ranking Update

A few weeks back I started an experiment to increase my Alexa ranking here at Barry Wheeler – Blogging for Success after reading a thread on one of the internet marketing discussion forums. The original poster of the thread was concerned in not seeing an increase in their Alexa ranking.  Several others were commenting that the only way to increase the ranking was to get … Continue reading

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Get a Custom Blog For Free

You’ve read many blogs and know you have what it takes to be a successful blogger. You have great ideas, found a unique niche and know you have something to offer to the blogging community. However, you have a major problem. You have no idea how to install and setup a blog. Well, you don’t have that excuse any longer. Barry WheelerBarry Wheeler is a … Continue reading

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A New Look and A New Direction

Today marks the re-launch of my personal blog and it is both an exciting and a scary time. It is a whole new beginning for my online efforts and will be a major shift in how I approach my online presence. The changes made are definitely not minor and will no doubt impact my search engine traffic, my search ranking and a lot of the … Continue reading

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