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Village Music Starts Engaging the Corner Brook’s Music Scene

Village Music has been around Corner Brook for quite some time, offering people on Newfoundland’s west coast some of the best selection of instruments, equipment and supplies.  As a fixture in the Corner Brook music scene, Village Music has always been a friend to local musicians, reaching out to both young and old as well experienced and inexperienced musicians for over 12 years.  As a … Continue reading

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Using Social Media For Leisure and Personal Fulfillment

Those who have visited my blog over the last several months have taken notice to the lack of activity, especially after I made the decision to get serious about blogging. The lack of activity doesn’t mean I’m not writing on a daily basis or interacting with people on a daily basis. The reverse is true. I’ve been extremely busy with several projects, including some branding, … Continue reading

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Trust Relationships and Loyalty Programs – Did Air Miles Blow It?

Are you a member of a loyalty program? Chances are you are a member of multiple programs because many major companies want you to return to their outlet to collect points you can later redeem for products and services.  The whole idea behind loyalty programs was to build ongoing relationships with customers. Is there any real benefit of being a member of a loyalty program? … Continue reading

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Increasing Profitability Using Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing shouldn’t be looked at as a new concept.  It’s been around for some time but with the advent of Web 2.0 and social media prevalence in society it has become more important. Successful businesses, organizations and bloggers have one thing in common in today’s social world.  They have recognized the value of long term social relationships and focus on establishing an open dialogue … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing is Crucial for Business Success

Have you heard the whole internet has turned social?  Being successful online means connecting with clients and customers on social level? Being social is the new reality of having a successful business.  Recognizing the importance of having a website talking about products and services is a small portion of having an online presence.  To be successful companies must have a presence on the new social … Continue reading

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Harnessing Social Media Opportunities

Social media has become the game changer in many aspects of life today.  Businesses and organizations have been reluctantly forced into using this medium.  Others have embraced the benefits offered. In its simplest form, social media has changed how people connect with friends, family and businesses.  However, it has also changed the world by helping topple governments and shape society in an instant. It has … Continue reading

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Social Media is a Fad Right?

While having a conversation with several small business owners one of them asked a question that left me somewhat speechless. Social media is a fad right? The question appeared sincere on the surface but there was an underlying nervousness that told me this wasn’t the true nature of what I was being asked.  It was more “Please tell me social media is a fad and … Continue reading

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Google’s Getting Social With +1

Google has upped the ante in its bid to compete directly against the world’s largest social landscape, Facebook. With the launch of Google Plus, the search engine giant sent a clear message to the world how it felt about the ever evolving social landscape.  It was evident for some time Google was using social indicators and social metrics in its search algorithm to determine ranking. … Continue reading

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Online Reputation and its Real World Implications

Being a blogger often means you put yourself out there, sometimes taking controversial positions on issues.  You accept the criticisms levied and deal with things as professionally as you can in the online world. You have to realize what you say online becomes part of your online reputation.  While some hide behind a pseudonym there is no anonymity when you want to become a professional … Continue reading

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