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With link building becoming more and more difficult, many webmasters have scoured the many blogs looking for places to obtain one-way links, especially in blogs that have removed the “NoFollow” tag.  It does open these websites up for a massive amount of comment SPAM.

Commenting on blogs is in my opinion, one way of obtaining links, especially if those blogs are relevant.  For those blog owners that have removed the “NoFollow” tag from their blogs, they open themselves to having to deal with an enormous amount of web spam.  Comment SPAM has become just as big an annoyance as opening your email and finding hundreds of SPAM messages.

Webmasters that seek out a link through Comment SPAM have no idea about what it takes to obtain quality links that will impact their ranking.  They seek out the “LINK” for the simple fact of getting the “LINK”.  One-way links have become the holy grail of SEO, and webmasters will go through hell and back to get the link.

What benefit is it to your site if you are linking to an “Enlarge your Penis” site from a site on Cross Stitch?  What is this accomplishing?

Comment SPAM will only accomplish one thing – the search engines will devalue the links obtained in blog comments, and this linking technique will be dead for those webmasters who understand the true value of one-way links, and comment only on relevant blogs.  Webmasters have to realize that search engines such as Google are making it more and more difficult to obtain links because as each linking technique gets abused, misused and SPAMMED, these linking techniques are treated for exactly what they are – irrelevant, low-quality links.

If you are commenting on a blog, keep in mind that the comment should be relevant to the topic being discussed.  One of the biggest laughs I had was a recent piece of comment SPAM that promoted some berry to help me with my Google Sandbox problem, but it also promised to help increase my energy inside the bedroom.

During my early days of learning SEO for several of my sites, I fell into the same pitfall of obtaining the “LINK” at any cost.  But as I began to experiment, try new linking techniques, and focused my link building campaigns on relevant sites that related directly to the niches being promoted, my results paid off big time.  Traffic & rankings have steadily improved where I now rank in the top ten for my top 20 keywords on several domains.  Revenues have risen accordingly.

SEO is not rocket science.  It is however, a lot of work and taking shortcuts by utilizing comment SPAM is actually hurting your SEO efforts.  Concentrate on building quality content, and quality sites.  Links will come naturally.

Oh yeah, before I forget.  This site is “NoFollow”, comment SPAM is deleted automatically, NO LINK FOR YOU!  I do visit sites that leave relevant comments, and if I see something that I like, I may blog about it in the future and provide a link.

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One Response to Comment SPAM – No Links For You!

  1. almir says:

    its good to delete comment spam but if you think about it some people get so paranoid when it comes to blog comments that they start to forget what a relevant comment is as opposed to comment spam so its really up to the blog owner to assume whether their getting spammed or not if someone comments on my site i don’t mind as long as it stays relevant to my blogs topic

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