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Web Hosting PromotionThere’s many small companies that grapple with whether or not they should have a web presence.  Many small business owners are sole proprietors or the mom-and-pop type companies that wonder what benefits having a “web presence” will have for them.

Until recently, Corner Stone HR Inc located in Corner Brook, NL was one of these companies.  Offering Human Resources Consulting and Human Resources Services, Corner Stone is owned and operated by Carla May.  Her company was doing great work with other companies in the area and her customer testimonials indicated that she was hitting her mark with the consulting services she was offering.

Carla had a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but had not yet taken the leap to the web.  However, seeing her business growing and wanting to expand its exposure, she made the leap and launched her website just recently.

There are some in the blogging world that indicate that the small business owners should establish a social media presence and be active on Facebook and Twitter.  While it is important to occupy the social landscape, utilizing just these areas can prove to be somewhat limiting for the small business.  I class Twitter as an active social medium which means that those occupying this space must make an effort to engage their followers.  This can prove difficult for the small business owners because they do not have the time or the resources to effectively utilize this method of client engagement to their advantage.

Facebook however, can prove to be a little easier for small businesses such as Corner Stone HR Inc to use.  Given the reach offered by this network it is a great way to build a following and not only engage those who “Like” you but to drive traffic towards product offerings and services.

This is where having a web presence becomes that much more important and why Corner Stone HR Inc’s decision to establish a web presence is important.  The information surrounding the Human Resource Services and Products offered can be put online.  For the most part, this provides potential clients and customers with a general overview of what the company does.  More importantly, it provides a landing space where users can arrive from Facebook and Twitter, outlining more details than what is in an 140-character tweet or a Facebook update.  More importantly, by establishing a web presence it allows potential customers the opportunity to find information about the company via Google and Bing searches.

In recognizing the importance in having this web presence, Corner Stone HR Inc has identified a need and has taken a proactive approach to reaching out and providing an additional services for its existing and potential clients.  It adds to the already high credibility built through its existing business channels and becomes an important tool in reaching out to more potential customers seeking Human Resources help for their businesses.

If you’re in the market for some HR consulting or some HR services, take a few moments and check out Corner Stone HR Inc from Corner Brook, NL.  You can also follow Carla on Twitter or Like their Facebook page.

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