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Welcome to your Custom Blog for Free installation and setup request form.

You are about to get serious about blogging and start down the rewarding path of becoming a serious blogger.

The only reason you are required to provide your Control Panel (Cpanel) username and password is to allow me access to install and setup your Custom Blog for Free.  Once setup is complete you can change your password in your Control Panel.

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All requests are acknowledged within 24 hours.  However due to time constraints and an enormous number of requests for custom blog installations please give me 24 hours before sending a follow-up email.  Once your custom blog installation is completed you will receive a confirmation email and can start blogging for success.

Before any custom blog is installed I will confirm you have signed up using the HostGator referral link provided.  If you did not sign up through my referral link your Custom Blog for Free request will be ignored and considered spam.

Your Custom Blog for Free installation does not cover ongoing support for your blog.

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