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Today I got banned from an online forum –, a DJ Chat  forum that promotes itself as “Real Networking for Real DJS”. doesn’t get the concept of social networking. obviously should change their tag line to “Almost Real Networking for Real DJs” until it understands social networking and how it can be used to actively engage its user community.  DJ Chat is more than a DJ Chat Discussion forum, it is a social network as it tag line suggests.’s moderator, Dan McKay provided the explanation “You cannot promote your website here. Feel free to rejoin under another ID.”  This is highly strange considering that I am a DJ and own a DJ Business that goes by the name “” – a domain that I have used to promote my Mobile DJ business for some time and recently converted to an online forum with the tag line “Discovering Music and Friends”.  In fact, I still use the forum to promote my DJ business and I’m still known as “” making me a “real DJ”.  All my business cards, flyers, brochures and business literature includes the website address for “” and I actively promote the site as part of my business.

Imagine my surprise how, a site that allows other DJs to promote their businesses and is supposedly “Real Networking for Real DJS” banned me for doing what it has openly encouraged its thousands of other members to do. is taking an anti-social approach to one of the truest forms of social networking – online discussion forums. in doing so fails to see the benefit of providing members, all members involved in the DJ industry, an opportunity to connect and to network. does not get the concept of social networking or networking in general. does nothing to promote “real networking” between “real DJs” and in its protectionism, it discourages any real networking.  Other social networking sites such as Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace openly allow the competition to promote themselves.  It’s the SOCIAL thing to do and since the Web 2.0 revolution, the power is in the hands of the users not the website owners.  Taking such a protectionist stance as goes against all the social advances made by true networking sites.

As part of the registration process on, I did what any other social networking site allows – I included a link back to my website and create a signature with a link promoting my site and DJ business –

There are thousands of other DJs on the  The majority of the users have included links to their sites promoting their DJ business, but decided that my business was a threat to them and prevented me from doing any real networking. doesn’t understand the concept of social networking.

I could understand if I posted a message on encouraging members to sign up on my forum.  I did not actively promote my site or business.  I started communicating and networking.  I started engaging people within the DJ community as anyone would on a social forum such as  There was no attempt to harvest emails or users from  I was a “real DJ” and actively engaged in “real networking” until decided to ban me.

Yet in doing “real networking” with other “real DJs”, decided that I was a threat, banned my user account and said it was OK for me to sign up with another user ID.  What part of social networking does not understand?  My DJ business is “” and my user ID is my identity as a DJ.

I find it hilarious actually that a site such as, a site that promotes itself in the social environment as “Real Networking for Real DJs” discourages “real networking” from occurring. does not understand the implications of true social networking and online reputation management.

While I prepare a series of articles on and their lack of understanding for social networking, I have to thank them for inspiration once again.  I needed some new inspiration for my series and presentations on social networking and and their archaic approach to social networking provided me this inspiration.

I’m sure my 100,000s readers and followers throughout my social network and web sites will understand the implications of the actions taken by and their anti-social networking behaviour.

While doesn’t understand the concept of social networking, there are many other sites out there that do understand and appreciate the benefits of social networking.  Hopefully will realize that just because it has 64,000 members, other people such as myself do have a large social influence across their social network.

I Wish success and encourage them to embrace the true meaning of social networking and hope they live up to their tag line “Real Networking for Real DJs”.

Tell me your thoughts and views on this.  I would very much like to hear your take on this situation.  Did I cross a line in hoping that was truly a social networking site for me to make some connections and engage the social community of other DJs?

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  3. DJ James says:

    I used to visit DJ Chat as well, got banned for disagreeing with a moderator there. They don’t like free thought, expression or anything that they can’t control. Thank you for sharing and I will check your forum.

  4. Strict Club Bouncer says:

    Yeah, they don’t even let me register. My email is banned before it’s even registered!!! Wow, thats fascist

  5. DJ Dan McKay Hater says:

    Dan McKay has a superiority complex and is the main reason so many DJs just walk away from the Chat board. If you disagree with him he and the “gang of four” (his closest of buddies) will pile on you to bash your opinions on everything. The site it self is a hard core right wing based site and if you have any opinion that doesn’t fall into their idea of the world, you’re in trouble. Dan will slap you down, call you names, twist your words to make you sound foolish, then shut down the thread before you can answer all his misinformation and lies. Then if you try to correct his bashing, you will get banned. They use their TOS rules as the reason for everything. They also use the six degrees of Kevin Bean theory to prove you broke their TOS rules. The rules basically read “We the moderators are always right and you are always wrong. Anything we want to do we will and there’s nothing you can do about it” Dan McKay actually has a separate web site that is dedicated to nothing more than bashing any DJ that isn’t him. Numerous complaints have been filed against him but nothing ever seems to get done about it. I only stay to fight the fight against the powers that be. I wouldn’t be surprised that after this post is on the net, that Dan McKay won’t ban me.

  6. DJ Dan McKay Hater says:

    Sorry, that should read “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Theory”

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