Does Twitter Have Marketing Value for Businesses?

With the abandonment rate for Twitter, a popular micro-blogging site being between 40 and 60 percent, depending on the source that you reference, it’s obvious that most users don’t get Twitter.  Does this mean that Twitter has no value for the internet marketer?

Twitter is showing considerable traffic with approximately 40 million visitors each month, a number that continues to grow as the service becomes more and more popular.  While I put very little faith in Alexa for any website performance metrics, looking at those statistics for Twitter, it is obvious that this site drives major traffic.

Twitter Traffic

With these traffic numbers, it is obvious that somethng is happening on the site.   Even with many accounts being abandoned and other users chosing not to tweet, the upside of Twitter marketing should be obvious.  Just because people are not actively posting does not mean they are not reading what others are.  These users are indeed following things they have interest in and capitalizing on this provides an upside to incorporating Twitter into any social marketing and internet marketing strategy.

Having the ability to deliver messages directly to followers computers and mobile devices provides marketers with unprecendented access to consumers.  It also provides an avenue to establish trust and credibility with those same consumers through direct engagement.  What more can a marketer ask for?

Sure, not everyone gets Twitter or uses the service.  But it does have an enormous value and potential for those who can successfully leverage the service as part of the marketing campaign.

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