Domain Registry of Canada Domain Slamming Scam

The Domain Registry of Canada is at it again.

I previously blogged about the Domain Registry of Canada Scam and thought things  had grown quiet on this front.  Unfortunately, this unscrupulous company is back, sending notices to unsuspecting domain name holders carefully crafted “domain expiration” notices.

The Domain Registry of Canada practices what is called domain slamming.  It is a practice where this company tricks domain holders to switch domain registrars by sending out what appears to be official notices indicating a domain is about to expire.

The sad thing is that the Domain Registry of Canada charges $40.00 per year / $160.00 for 5-years.  Unfortunately, domain name registration costs much less than this and customers who are tricked into switching generally pay much more than they were paying at their previous registrar.

I have no problem with a company trying to target potential new customers.  However, the Domain Registry of Canada makes it a practice to target those who are unsuspecting.  Many “mom and pop” shops that have domain names registered have little or no technical background.  They pay their annual domain name registration fee to keep their websites running.  When these people receive the Domain Registry of Canada notice, they generally panic because they fear losing their domain name and in haste, complete the form and transfer their domain name to the Domain Registry of Canada.

After several complaints to the Domain Registry of Canada and the RCMP, I had successfully gotten removed from their mailing list for the hundreds of domains that I own.  I did however notice that visits to my previous article on the Domain Registry of Canada Domain Slamming Scam was receiving considerable traffic.  Then last night when going through my mail, there it was, another notice from the Domain Registry of Canada indicating that one of my newly registered domains was about to expire.

The problem is this tactic of domain slamming obviously works.  If it didn’t, the Domain Registry of Canada would have given up long ago and tried to build its business around more ethical business practices.  Instead, it relies on a well crafted notice that looks like an official notice and an official invoice (it does indicate that it is not an invoice) and relies on the lack of understanding by many how the domain name registration system works.  It is nothing more than fear-mongering.

The Domain Registry of Canada should be sanctioned by the registration authorities throughout the world and lose their rights to be a registrar.

Is this practice of domain slamming by the Domain Registry of Canada a scam?  Tell me your thoughts on this.

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