Domain Registry of Canada Solicitation or Scam?

Domain Registry of Canada Online ScamBack several years ago I wrote a practice of the Domain Registry of Canada using a tactic known as domain slamming to obtain business.  This is where they arbitrarily use their position as a domain register, find the contact information of people who have registered domains and send them what looks like a very legitimate invoice.  While I feel this practice is highly unethical, what bothers me even more is that I’ve contacted this company about 25 times asking to be permanently removed from their mailing list.  Obviously it hasn’t worked because tonight, I received another solicitation from you guessed it – the Domain Registry of Canada.I contacted Domain Registry of Canada, spoke with a customer service representative (Chelsea) and asked why I have not been removed and why I still continue to receive these solicitations.  She couldn’t answer.

I asked her why she works for such an unethical company who preys on the innocent?  She couldn’t answer!  The novice and naive domain holder would more than likely fill out this form and send it back only to get charged $40 a year for their domain renewal.  Even right now, I pay about $10 a year for the renewals and if you have some hosting accounts, they include FREE domain names as long as you stay hosting with them!  At $40 a year that Domain Registry of Canada is charging, people are getting overcharged after being misled to transfer and use this company as their registrar.

If you receive a request to transfer your domain name from your current registrar to the Domain Registry of Canada, call them up, ask to be removed from their list.  Each phone call costs them money.  Also, use the prepaid envelope they send you, seal it and send an empty envelope back to the Domain Registry of Canada.  That’s what I’m doing!

If I cannot get off the Domain Registry of Canada’s mailing list, at least they will have to pay to send me the solicitation, the phone call to them and the return postage on an empty envelope!

What’s your thoughts on this?  Do you feel the Domain Registry of Canada is a scam or are their practices legitimate?


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