FaceBook Email – Why I’m Not Excited

FaceBook Email is not something I’m excited about.  Even though FaceBook doesn’t call it “email” when referring to its new “modern messaging system”, it’s obvious that in firing this latest shot there’s no doubting both Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail were the primary targets.

FaceBook’s new messaging system will handle all kinds of messages such as email, instant messages, FaceBook messages and SMS messages.  Yet it doesn’t get me all warm and fuzzy.

Back when FaceBook first launched to the masses, sure I joined up but became quickly aware of many privacy issues of the social networking environment and left the service.  Even now, my “trust” in FaceBook is limited and why would I suddenly migrate from my current email provider to the new “FaceBook” email?

I like Google’s Gmail.  I’ve had it from the days of my initial invite back after it first was in Beta.  It’s now tied to pretty much everything I do, including chat, phone and blogging.  I forward all my other email accounts to my one Gmail account and rarely check the others.

What FaceBook does offer me is access to over 1/2 Billion FaceBook users and while I do use FaceBook messages to communicate with “friends” and “family”, most of my communication is done through my existing email.  Everyone knows my existing email address.

I have no reason to switch because FaceBook mail is available.  The hassle of updating my contact lists, notifying my friends, my family and those I do business with is a monumental task.  I’m not going down that road just so I can have a vanity @facebook.com email address.

Additionally, I don’t trust FaceBook’s privacy record.  I use FaceBook simply as a means to reach some additional people in my “social network” and have little faith in FaceBook’s ability to protect me from spammers and hackers, let alone protect my “private” email correspondance.

Gmail makes it extremely difficult to SPAM and it does a pretty damn good job at protecting me from the crap that circulates through conventional email systems.  I just don’t see FaceBook being able to do this regardless of who they hire or what resources they throw behind it.

FaceBook traditionally has adopted very few filtering mechanisms and we all have experienced the rash of “like” SPAM posts taking place throughout their system.

FaceBook mail isn’t something that I’m excited about right now – it does have some potential but the jury is still out on it just yet.

Tell me your thoughts and concerns with FaceBook delving into the email realm.

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