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Are you having difficulty finding a winning formula for your blogging success?  Are you feeling a little overwhelmed?  Are the rewards realized far less than your expectations?

Trust me when I say, you are not alone!No one said blogging was an easy way to make a living and until you find what works for you, coming up with the winning formula can be extremely time consuming and there are many sites telling you exactly how they made their millions online.

I was at a point where you are now.  Struggling to find what works and learning from what didn’t work for me.  There was always someone willing to give me advice and make suggestions.

The problem you encounter is deciding which advice to take and which to ignore.  You end up not seeing the forest because of the trees.  You become consumed trying to implement every suggestion and try every new gimmick because you become desperate to strike it big.

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt!

What’s the best advice I can give you for your blogging success?

There is no single “best” answer to that question but some good advice to take is to start focusing your blogging effort.

There are way too many factors that come to play when determining the success or failure of a particular blog.  There are however, some basic guiding principles that have worked for me and have allowed me to build several very successful websites.

Do not try to be everything for everyone.  It is an impossible task.

Your blog will occupy a particular niche and that niche will dictate your efforts.  Regardless of how many other interests you might have or might want to develop, each site should be focused on a single topic.  Within your niche you may have several keywords or keyword phrases you will be emphasizing but you will still only one niche.  Stay focused and on topic.

My first iteration of this site carried the title “Marketing, Business and Technology News”.  My plan was simple.  I was going to blog about marketing, business and technology topics.  In the short term that happened.  In the long term I lost focus and blogged about anything but.

Sites that remained on topic and focused continued to perform well.  Here at my own personal site, traffic suffered and within a few short months I had lost over 60 percent of my readers in about 6 months.  My traffic from search dropped nearly 70 percent and my bounce rate increased to nearly 87 percent with the majority of visitors leaving my site doing so within 30 seconds.

Visitors were coming to this site expecting marketing, business and technology based topics but finding something completely different.  It is important for your blogging success to avoid making similar mistakes.

Discovering this harsh reality made me sit back, evaluate what I was doing and decide it was time for a change.  Fortunately my neglect and loss of focus on this blog did not impact my major revenue streams.

Remember stay focused.  Develop compelling blog content and concentrate your efforts to develop your niche.  Build your site around blogging strategies proven to have long term success.  Establish and build both your online reputation and authority.

It will take time and effort but through your focused blogging efforts, you will be Blogging for Success.

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