Ford Ranger Airbag Problems and Humber Motors Ford’s Terrible Service

As I said in a previous article, my 2008 Ford Ranger is crap and the service I’m receiving from Humber Motors Ford in Corner Brook, NL is terrible.  Here’s a video post (my first) about my 2008 Ford Ranger airbag problems and the terrible service I’m receiving from Humber Motors Ford.  Be gentle with me, this is my first post that I’ve made via video and I’m still learning how to use my new video camera plus, Newfoundlanders have “unique” accents!

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4 Responses to Ford Ranger Airbag Problems and Humber Motors Ford’s Terrible Service

  1. silverhawk says:

    clean yer back window barry!. hehehehehe

  2. Great use of video and social media. I’m finding that companies are responding to complaints on social networking sites which is great. Finally somebody is listening at these companies.

  3. vancouver resident says:

    Dude your lucky thats all your only problem my truck is a POS !! 2007 ranger the motor is noisy cold piston slap tir rods are shot , brakes sound like crap rear door’s are loose. dif and trans feel like there going south “rough shifts and slopy rear end jumps out of 4wd. I WILL NOT BUY A FORD AGAIN … WHAT IS FORD BACKWARDS ?? “”””DRIVER RETURNS ON FOOT !!!

  4. patrick m. says:

    I have/had a 2002 ford ranger and i recently got in a wreck in it, direct impact to the frontend and my airbags never deployed. I’ve owned the truck since it was new and never once did i have any airbag light come on… So no you can not trust Ford’s airbags or any other of there “SAFETY FEATURES”. and no ford rangers are not long lasting dependable trucks. if its the V6 4.0l

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