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Obtaining free dofollow links from an authority site is difficult.  Most major sites have opted to “NoFollow” their links, even links that are included in articles to illustrate a point.  When SEOs discover a great linking opportunity, the typically will keep the location of the site to themselves.  In a recent article on Free High PR Links from Authority Sites I even wrote about keeping such locations to yourself.

However, I received an email today from a person wanting to sell me the location of a linking opportunity where you could obtain free DoFollow one-way links from a PR6 authority site for $50.  The email stated

For a limited time only, obtain relevant one-way do follow links from a PR6 authority site.  These links will fit nicely with the niche you currently occupy and provide linking opportunities in the areas of such as SEO, Social Media, Financial, Technology and Political arenas to name a few.  The opportunity to have an endless supply of high PR DoFollow links to your site is endless.  For just $50, the location of this site can be yours.

What was odd is this individual had attached a PDF to the email, obviously by mistake and inside the PDF was details of a site that I had known for quite some time and that I had used for obtaining DoFollow links to several sites I had been promoting.  What this individual was offering to sell me was indeed a valid location for DoFollow Links from an Authority site.

This site definitely provides one-way links that are DoFollow.  The site is a recognized authority in many areas of online business, SEO, SEM and internet marketing.  This site has been in operation for almost 9-years, has almost 300,000 pages indexed and approximately 350,000 links (according to Yahoo Site Explorer).  It has a PR6 assigned as the Google PageRank value, and rates in the xx,xxxx in Alexa rankings.

This site has many locations that I have found in the past that have PR5, PR4, PR3 etc, and all relevant to a wide variety of websites that I have been promoting.  The links are definitely DoFollow, do pass ranking and have driven a considerable amount of traffic towards a few of my websites.

I am offering the location of this authority site with free PR DoFollow links (part of comments on articles and blog entries) for FREE – well almost free!  Subscribe to my RSS feed, and send me a note via my contact form indicating that you have subscribed to my RSS feed, and email you the location of this authority site with free dofollow links available.

Act now!  While this offer of free dofollow links is available for a limited time only, it will not cost you $50!

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7 Responses to Free DoFollow Links From Authority PR6 Site

  1. darkone says:

    It’s funny when the world turns and bites you in the ass.;)
    selling high PR’s is a good biz, but there are so many people out there that dont have the extra cash and really need the links.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. mahi says:

    thanx for the link

  3. deni says:


    I was subscribe to your Rss Feed. Thanks

  4. Rose says:

    thank you for the link. i am on a mission of link building so this is fantastic.

  5. This was a great read. Thanks for doing things like this for the newbies

  6. Mike says:

    Amazing read, thank you!

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