Free High PR Links From Authority Sites?

Backlinks - Linking StrategyObtaining high PR links from authority sites has become almost impossible on the web.  High PR authority sites are less likely to link to other sites unless there is some perceived value in doing so.  As a result, link building has become more difficult.  Many authority sites have started deploying the “NoFollow” tag on all their links, often bowing from pressures by search engines such as Google.

Every webmaster and SEO should realize that obtaining quality, relevant one-way backlinks to their sites is critical to ranking well in search engine indexes.  With the importance of link building so prevalent in SEO, people search and scour for methods of finding links that are not only relevant, but fall within the guidelines established by the search engines.

As more and more authority sites “NoFollow” their links, webmasters and SEOs are forced to think outside the box for their link building strategies, including things such as social media sites and link baiting.  Others have turned to proven techniques such as article directories, press releases and link solicitation.

What if you discover an untapped location that can provide free links from high PR authority sites?  Should you reveal this location or guard its location?

In my opinion, gone are the days of sharing, especially as the importance of SEO rises throughout the online world.  Untapped high PR links from an authority site are rare.  A location such as this provides an SEO a unique opportunity and if used sparingly, can become a source of many quality links for relevant domains in that niche.

As part of an experiment I was conducting, I created a site on developing an Internet Marketing Strategy, and talked about link building.  In fact, I had also revealed several locations of free high PR links from authority sites as part of my link building exercises that I used throughout the experiment.

I monitored the sites that I had revealed only to find that within several weeks of revealing these locations, the amount of unrelated comments and SPAM appearing was amazing.  The sites were inundated with links from every niche imaginable.

People who read the posts did not realize the opportunity that presented itself with these sites, and by posting unrelated links, did very little to boost their own SEO.  In fact, it destroyed the value of these sites for many people who would may have had related sites to promote.

My thoughts on sharing the location of free high PR links from authority sites right now – KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!

Right now, I am sitting on the location of about 10 – 15 authority sites that could provide free links, some of which would be PR7 and PR6.  These authority sites are related to some high value niches, including financial, debt, medical and web hosting.

Normally I would have shared these free high PR links from these authority sites, but given the difficulty to obtain relevant, one-way links, they remain my little secret – for now anyway!

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4 Responses to Free High PR Links From Authority Sites?

  1. Can’t anything about free high pr articles as on your suggest at this post’s.

  2. Sue Lemieux says:

    why your site is nofollow?

  3. Seo says:

    Great help. We all know how important these links are. Great work. No follow still helps advise search engines about your site. The page rank is no follow and the robots dont follow but authority is still passed. 🙂

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