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TwibsWith Twitter gaining momentum, there are many websites jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.  One of those sites is a Twitter business directory known as Twibs.  Twibs was created to “give users a place to find businesses on Twitter.”

One of the side benefits of Twibs is obtaining a free link back to both your Twitter profile and to your business website.

Signing up for the Twibs Twitter business directory is easy. The registration screen requires your Twitter username, some keyword tags, business email (if you wish), blog and online store if applicable.  Once you submit the request to add, you will receive an @ to your Twitter account and you are added to the Twibs Twitter business directory.

Twitter Business Directory - Twibs

The link to both your Twitter profile and to your business blog entered during your registration do not contain the “NoFollow” attribute tag.  This means these links will pass PR juice to your site and your Twitter profile, a great bonus from a great service!  With obtaining links becoming increasingly more difficult, an opportunity for a link from a site that will build authority as the Twitter business directory, this link will eventually become more valuable with time.

Plus, you can promote your Twib’s profile to increase traffic to it and in turn increase traffic to your business websites.  This may not provide a major boost immediately, but as Twibs matures and you integrate this into your Internet marketing strategy, it has the potential to become an amazing source of  traffic.

The Twibs Twitter business directory is not only a great way to obtain a free link, but has the potential to increase traffic to your sites. Oh yeah, remember to follow me on Twitter for more great updates, tips and links in the future.

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3 Responses to Free Link from the Twitter Business Directory – Twibs

  1. This is a great site especially for local searches. And you get a back link. How cool. Good way to follow and get followed too.

  2. Larry Hann says:

    Barry – Great to see a SEO / SM blog in the province. Checking out your link building suggestions. Thought I’d give Twib a try. Thanks for posting the information.

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