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I’ve blogged in the past about providing free PR5 links for link building.  A few readers were skeptical but did provide me with a link as requested and obtained a quality, free backlink to their websites.  People were hesitant to provide me with a link from their website but those that did obtained the Free PR5 link to their site.

I’ve just discovered another website that can provide a free PR4 link and here’s the deal.  This is a quality link from an authority site.  The link can contain the anchor text of your choice, is instantly approved and does not contain the “NoFollow” attribute.  This link is a valuable link if you are in the marketing, SEO, SEM or eBusiness niche.

How do you get this free PR4 link?  Easy, follow me on Twitter or drop a relevant comment somewhere on my blog.  Send me a direct message or use the contact page on my blog to let me know what you’ve done and I’ll forward the link location to you.  It’s that simple.

You can have a free PR4 link in the matter of minutes.  Don’t delay, this offer of a Free PR4 link will only be valid for a short period of time.

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Barry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites and online communities, Barry has started exploring the social internet and its impact on all facets of society including personal life and business relationships. Find Barry on Twitter @barrywheeler and FaceBook or on his website Barry Wheeler - Blogging for Success.
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4 Responses to Free PR4 Links Available

  1. Great post. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Hey it’s robinana from twitter. Was reading your blog and hey, hey, hey, I want a free link….Sounds good to me. is brand new and needs some help! Your blog is very informative, even if you are mad at Fords….lol..(I’m from Dearborn, Michigan – Ford world headquarters). We are a Ford family. 🙂

  3. Bruce says:

    Oohh, just what I wanted. A “quality free backlink”. That is, a backlink that lacks quality. This might explain the skepticism. A comma might help the uptake. LOL.

    Ok, so you have me reading this now. Time for me to start my own.

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