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Yes, it is true.  Free PR5 links can be had if you know where to look.  With the major search engines such as Google decreasing the value of many links and many websites implementing the “NoFollow” attribute tag, finding any free links let alone free PR5 links is becoming increasingly difficult.  Keep reading, I do tell you how to obtain a free PR5 link in this article.

What is the value of free PR5 links?

To answer this question, it is important to analyze both the SEO value and monetary value of the links.

With each link obtained back to a website counting as a vote of importance of the site, obtain links is an important part of SEO.  The more links a site obtains the higher it will theoretically rank in the search engines.

Google uses the Pagerank system to determine the relative importance of a site.  The higher the pagerank value, the more important a links is supposedly valued.  Therefore obtaining free PR5 links can potentially influence the ranking of a web site in the search engines as the PR5 pagerank is seen as being a high vote of confidence as to the importance of the site being linked to.

However, does this mean that obtain free PR5 links will greatly improve a web site ranking in the search engines?  Nope.  There are many other factors that come into play as I’ve previously blogged about.  However, free PR5 links will definitely carry more weight than links from other sites with lower page rank.

The most important factors that will determine the influence of the free PR5 links will be the anchor text used to form the link and how closely related the sites are.  The more relevant the anchor text and content to the site being linked, the higher value it will get in the search engines.

What about the monetary value of free PR5 links?

There are many places that purchase and sell links.  A quick search found that PR5 links would sell for a wide range of values, starting at around $15 a month in some places and $75 a year in others.  There are sites that constantly seek to buy links and those that will sell links as they value high PR links as a commodity.

In fact, what many sites that are selling links are doing is selling high PR links to influence search engine results.  The search engines frown upon this and have taken measures to protect the integrity of their search index.

Should a site get caught buying or selling links, they will be penalized by the search engines or delisted completely.  Simply having a high PR site does not give the site owner the right to sell links to artificially inflate the ranking of other sites.

I know.  Where’s the free PR5 links right?

Well, there’s a catch.  If you want a free PR5 link which happens to be included on a PR6 authority site, you have to write a short blog entry on your site and link back to me in the article or provide me with a free link from your site.  Drop me a note on my comment form with either your article URL or the URL that contains my link and I’ll forward you the location of the Free PR5 link.

This free PR5 link is from an authority site involving SEO, internet marketing, technology and social media.  It is a valid PR5 link and does not have the “NoFollow” attribute tag which means that it will pass pagerank.  As well, the link can contain your exact keyword anchor text and will appear instantly once submitted.

Yes, it would be easy to create an article with a link, or link back to me and then delete it afterwards.  I realize that is a possibility.  However, you wouldn’t want a lesson in online reputation management would you?  I’m sure the free PR5 link is worth it.  It costs you nothing other than a little old link back to me!

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