Google+ was Dead Until Facebook Screwed Up

Are you using Google+ as your primary social networking platform?

Chances are you’re like many others.  You created an account on Google+, checked it out, and moved back to Facebook.

Google+ was dead.  Facebook had won the battle between social network giants.

That was right up until Facebook rolled out its latest set of changes tinkering with the way a person’s “News Feed” was displayed.

People had fallen in love with the “Most Recent” tab at the top of their profile.  They could click there and get the most recent list of updates from their friends.  It was an easy way to get a chronological list of updates from their friends’ social feeds.

Well, this won’t happen anymore.  Gone is the “Most Recent” tab and here to stay (at least for now) is what Facebook thinks is the most important and most relevant things for you.

Yes, you read that right.

Everything in your news feed is now determined by an algorithm and you have no say in what’s displayed.  It is based on what Facebook “thinks” you want to see rather than giving you the choice of what you want to see.

There is also the addition of a ticker on the right sidebar showing updates from your friends using a real time Twitter like stream.

Facebook is obviously feeling a little paranoid.

Many social media users use Twitter for real time updates.  The addition of the ticker is an obvious attempt to satisfy the needs of those who want instant updates.

Other changes Facebook have made include lists (similar to Google+ circles), the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe from social feeds and control over who sees what you are posting.

Some of these changes were great but with their tinkering with the “News Feed” and taking away the “Most Recent” tab, Facebook screwed up.  Now many are giving Google+ another look and have started contemplating making it their primary social platform.  Others have flocked entirely to Twitter.

Facebook had nothing to worry about from the pressures of Google+ and Twitter.  People using Facebook were not the same using Google+ and definitely not the same using Twitter.

In its paranoia and desire to completely dominate social networking, Facebook screwed up.  It had over 750 million users, more than 3 times both Twitter and Google+ combined.

It’s estimated these latest changes have upset about 80% of its users.  That’s a whopping 600 million users who hate the latest changes to news feeds.

Many have asked why?

Users are upset because they lost control over determining what is important to them.  They have lost having a say as to what they want to see and how they want to interact with Facebook.

Will Facebook’s latest changes give Google+ more life?  Will Twitter be the ultimate winner?  Will this mean Facebook will revert back to its old interface?

What’s your thoughts?

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4 Responses to Google+ was Dead Until Facebook Screwed Up

  1. Ya, i’m thinking about deleting my Facebook account and going over to Google +. There are any reasons why I like Google + more than Facebook. The thing I like about Google + is that it is easier to use. I just got a Facebook in April and I still don’t know how to use it. Now with the recent update I just said forget this! Also like you said people can use twitter to see what their friends are up to so, why would they need Facebook. Going to switch over to delete my Facebook account and i’m switching to Google +. I think you should too.

  2. Yep, i AM WILLING TO GIVE gOOGLE + A TRY….I am tired of the constant changes FB makes. Just when you learnt to adjust to the new changes, they become obsolete later. I hope everyone makes a mass xedous to Google. I will be there.

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