Google WebSpam Targets in 2009?

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s WebSpam team has asked what his WebSpam team should concentrate on in 2009.  While soliciting comments on his blog does not guarantee that these items will become a focus of Google WebSpam, it will no doubt have some influence.  The call for comments has definitely worked as many SEOs and people have expressed their opinions.

SEOs have chimed in with many recommendations, many of which make perfect sense to anyone in the search engine optimization / search engine marketing arena.  Some of the recommendations coming from those that have commented about what Google WebSpam should concentrate on in 2009 include:

  • improved information on penalties
  • paying attention to scaper sites
  • devaluation of links coming from sites like MySpace, FaceBook etc
  • Increase focus on duplicate sites
  • blocking spammers from all Google services
  • elimination of sites requiring a username and password to view content at the top of SERPs

The last check revealed almost 200 comments on Matt’s request for the items that Google WebSpam should focus on in 2009.  I’m sure that more and more will get added over the next while as SEOs have time to think about those items that are still allowing poor quality sites to rank well in the Google SERPs.

Of all the recommendations that I have read in the last few hours, my favourite is the one regarding more information about penalties.  While I see the reason that SEOs would want this information, it is likely that Google will not accommodate this request as it will provide some insight into how the Google algorithm ranks pages.  Next to this, I would also like to see sites that require a username and password eliminated from the top of the search rankings.  Nothing is more frustrating than finding what you think is the correct information and then realizing that it is not available (well it is).

Most novices would register to view the information, passing valuable marketing information (email addresses) to the site in question.  Users should realize that viewing the site from the Google Cache will reveal the information anyway.

With all the recommendations being made, there’s no denying that the Google WebSpam team has its work cut out for it in 2009.  Have an idea or something that pisses you off in the world of SEO / SEM?  Post a comment on Matt’s blog, I’m sure that this will influence where Google WebSpam is heading.

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