Google Will Someday Rule the World

Google LogoGoogle will rule the world and it is only a matter of time.  Google has far reaching virtual hands and touches almost every aspect of online life and in doing so has major influence on a business’ success or failure online.

With over 50 major acquisitions such as DoubleClick,  Blogger and YouTube, Google has shown its muscle.  It’s search engine dominates online search.  Competitors such as Yahoo! and Microsoft are struggling to compete.

This growth and dominance is scary, not only for individuals but for businesses who are seeking to carve an online niche and compete for customers amid changing user demographics.  If a business is going to be successful online, they must harness the power of Google and be aware of the many factors affecting online businesses.  Ignoring the influence of Google means certain failure and compliance with the Google way of life extends this company’s influence throughout the world.

Is Google’s dominance a bad thing?

There are those that will argue against the monopoly that has emerged with the Google brand.  Many of the same arguments made regarding Microsoft have been used to describe the dangers.  However, what has to be realized that Google has dominated because people wanted to use the products and services they produced.  With Microsoft, the competition was effectively crushed by forcing companies into arrangements that required used of the Microsoft operating systems and moreso the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.

Google works at acquiring and developing online services and online real estate that people want to use – a big difference.  Google’s products are selected by consumers because they are seen as adding value.  Plus, ,if a user tries to remove the Google products they install they can.  Try doing that with Microsoft Internet Explorer when it first burst onto the scene.

Companies wanting to have success online have to follow the rules established by Google leaving many to complain about “fairness” and the existence of a “Google monopoly” – both which are unfounded.  While it is true that Google does have standards and guidelines put in place for using some of its service, it does so to protect its own business interest.  Webmasters and business owners must realize that while Google provides many services and products for free, it is still a business.  These are well publicized.

To play on Google’s playing field means following their rules.  It’s simple.  With Google’s dominance continuing to grow and its product offering continuing to expand, any company chosing to ignore Google will spell doom for their online operations.

Google is in no way a monopoly but it will rule the online world, simply because it offers products and services that tremendously enhance the online experience.  It has an uncanny sense of positioning its company ahead of the next evolutionary wave online as seen in how it indexes, ranks and utilizes user generated content.

There can be no comparison in Google and Microsoft because the Internet is a different beast than the computer desktop that Microsoft dominated in the 1990s.  Google does have competition and that competition is just a click away.  It offers its products and services on the same network as every other Internet based company, and its user behavior and  not that of an operating system that lead to Microsoft’s dominance.

Bottom line – Google just gets the Internet and the people that use it!

Google’s success is built around a set of open standards and open protocols that make up the Internet.  In doing this, their products and services bring a layer of  transparency and openness that are available to all companies.  They do not charge users for their products and give the majority of their services away for free.  How is this a monopoloy?

Yes, Google will someday rule the world, but with the great products and services they are offering, I’m not sure people will complain.

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