Newfoundland Hockey Talk’s Pending Closure

After running Newfoundland Hockey Talk for over 7 years, it has finally come to a point where I can no longer tolerate the insults, threats, bickering and complaining on the forum.

Life truly is too short.

To the moderators who have given their time and have had patience to deal with the many childish and immature members, I thank you for your time and your dedication.

To the few members who have resulted in Newfoundland Hockey Talk being closed you should truly take a long hard look at yourselves and realize many things that you have done, the personal attacks, threats of lawsuits and just general bullshit is what resulted in this day coming.

The the remaining members, I apologize for having to do this, but I started running the site as a way to give the people of the province somewhere to go and talk about hockey, have the occassional rant and to just shoot the bull.

Take care and I hope you enjoyed your time at Newfoundland Hockey Talk.

If anyone out there is interested in acquiring Newfoundland Hockey Talk, please contact me at 709-783-2455.

Barry Wheeler

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