How Do You Build Online Relationships?

Relationships are the key to successful social networking and social media interactions.  People use a variety of mechanisms to form relationships and expand their social influence.

For me, relationships start to develop as I begin to participate in discussions and become engaged.  I see the interaction that I’m having as a thing of value and I become stimulated at some level, either intellectually or emotionally.

Forming successful relationships is not always about agreeing with or thinking like the masses.  This “sheep” mentality to relationship building is ineffective and provides nothing of value.  Building successful relationships sometimes involves stepping outside what is considered the “norm” and going against traditional views.

Often this establishes grass root movements that grow and flourish within organizations, adding value to those that participate in the relationship.

Whether it is increasing your social influence or fostering some personal growth, laying strong foundations within a relationship by building trust and credibility is essential.  It allows the relationship to be leveraged later to your advantage.

Tell me, how do you build your relationships online?

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