How Many Sites Should I Run?

I’ve received several emails asking the same question – How many sites should I run?

Well, that is such as subjective question that there’s no way to provide a single best answer.  The number of sites you should run entirely depends upon you.  There are many factors that go into deciding what you should do and how much time you want to spend on a particular topic.  Spreading yourself too thin does no justice to building your portfolio of profitable sites.  How many sites should you run?  Keep the following in mind.

Each site that you launch will take a considerable portion of your time to initially setup and design.  For example, each site that I launch takes me between 10  to 15 hours of initial setup time.  That’s to tweak the look and feel, build the navigation and develop a  centralized theme around the site.  This includes the pre-design phase of keyword development, content development and the actual installation of the content management software I use.

This doesn’t include any link building, SEO or promotion of the site once it is launched.  Average maintenance on the site takes between 1 – 2 hours per week.  This includes writing content and simple site promotion using may of the social bookmarking / social media sites around.

There are sites that you can launch out of the box.  These “made for adsense” type sites that used scrapted content and in many cases syndicated content are much easier to launch and maintain, however they are not nearly as effective as unique sites with fresh, unique content.

Each site that you build will also require some time building links and doing site promotion, especially in the early stages of site development.  Traffic is what will determine the success of failure of a site and the more link building and site promotion, the more exposure your site will receive.  Couple this with unique content, you can quickly build a readership and following, especially if your ideas are fresh and offer a whole new perspective on things.

Once the site is running, there is the task of providing unique content.  It can be a daunting task.  Getting inspired at times is difficult,  but continually updating your site provides people a reason to come back and feeds the search engines.  This will keep organic traffic coming and will increase your site’s traffic over time.  Resist the urge to copy content from another site.  Duplicate content destroys seo.

Myself personally, I run approximately 10 – 12 sites, all in different stages of development.  I struggle to continually provide unique content, build links and promote the sites as effectively as I should.  For this reason, I will be selling a few of my less profitable sites and concentrating on those that provide me my biggest source of revenue.

How many sites should I run?  Well, for me 10 – 12 sites are too many!  Judge yourself accordingly.

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