How to Increase Your Alexa Ranking

Are you fixated on increasing your Alexa ranking?

Many bloggers are because Alexa is one of the metrics advertisers often use to measure the success of a website.  The higher the ranking for your site, the better perceived your site is in their eyes.  This could potentially mean more money for you from some advertising programs.

Alexa is considered a highly unreliable metric with respect to a site’s performance because it can be easily manipulated.

What is Alexa?

Owned by Amazon, Alexa promotes themselves as “The Web Information Company” but in essence, they measure web traffic on just about every website on the internet.  It tracks users’ activities on the Internet mostly through the Alexa Toolbar.

Data collected provides a 3-month view of how many people visited your site, how long they stayed, how many pages were read and search queries used to find your site.

What’s the problem with Alexa?

Alexa for the most part relies on users having the Toolbar installed.  Unfortunately only about 10 percent of the internet users have done so.  This means the other 90 percent visiting your site don’t count towards your ranking.

How do you get improve your Alexa Ranking?

When you hear people talking about improving your ranking through SEO or writing valuable content to attract more visitors, they are telling you the same thing if you asked how to improve your anything about your site.

Sure SEO and great content will improve your Alexa ranking but if you want an immediate boost we can rely on using Alexa’s own tools by placing a modified version of the Alexa Traffic widget on your site.

What is the Alexa Traffic Widget?

The Alexa Traffic Widget is generally used to display information about your Alexa ranking on your website.  It will show your visitors your global ranking and the number of sites linking to you.  It also allows Alexa to capture the additional 90 percent of the visitors coming to your site without the Alexa Toolbar.

If you have an extremely low Alexa ranking you may not want to have this widget cluttering your blog real estate where it can act as negative social proof.

Modifying the widget code allows you avoid this blog clutter but get you the benefit we desire.

Here’s what the Alexa Traffic Widget code looks like directly from Alexa.

<A href=””><SCRIPT type=’text/javascript’ language=’JavaScript’  src=’’> </SCRIPT></A>

Using some well crafted HTML <DIV> tags this can be modified slightly to come up with the following:

<div style=”display: none;”><a href=””><script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script></a></div>

The addition of the <DIV> codes above will cause the widget to not be displayed on your site.

Copy and paste this code in the footer of your website theme and you’re in business.  Remember to change to match your own domain.

Using this method to manipulate your Alexa ranking is no replacement for writing, promoting and marketing your site more effectively to attract more readers.  Such rankings are an arbitrary and artificial measure of how your site is doing.  Let your readers be the true measure of your site’s performance.

Do you know any other ways to improve your Alexa ranking?

This is an ongoing experiment.  There has been some debate as to whether this works as indicated.  From my personal tests (which are still ongoing), I’ve seen about a 20-30% change in a variety of my Alexa Rankings.  Stay tuned for more updates as I monitor what is taking place.

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8 Responses to How to Increase Your Alexa Ranking

  1. karan says:

    Thanks a lot. I will add it right now:D

  2. Hi Barry

    I wondered how people got those stats up on their site. Thanks. I will put on my blog and see if it helps or not.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia,

      Thanks for stopping by. It definitely works from what I can see. I’ve dropped my Alexa Ranking from 1.6 million to just over 500,000 so far in the experiment.

      Traffic has not increased that much on my site. This trick allows you to capture EVERY piece of traffic. This trick however, will not put up the Widget itself, it hides it from view. You can however, visit Alexa and generate your own Widget which will display your stats.

      Good luck and let me know your results!


  3. Comedy Plus says:

    Well I’ll give this a go to see if it works. Thanks.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  4. Seems like a great tip! I will try to implement the code and see if my Alexa ranking will improve a bit. Thanks!

  5. Rohit Bhisey says:

    I guess It should be “How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking” instead of “How to Increase Your Alexa Ranking” 🙂

    Anyway it is just a hit and trail method like other i saw in internet but will give it a shot, let’s see.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  6. Ankit says:

    Thanks for the wonderful trick share

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