Links from High PR Domains, The Value of Inner Page Links

Link BuildingFree High PR Links from Inner Pages of Authority Sites are some of the most sought links.  Links from authority sites implies a strong trust from those sites and can provide a major boost for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.  Links from authority sites can provide a strong ranking in SERPS.

There has been an ongoing debate over obtaining backlinks on High PR domains at Digital Point Forums.  There seems to be some confusion as to whether links obtained on inner pages will pass the domain PR to the site being linked to, or if this is just a low PR link.

Inner pages are those pages that exist on a website but are not seen directly when accessing the main domain.  For example, visiting would only display the most current articles on this siste.  This means that all other pages not directly visible are considered inner pages.  This is the same with most major sites where the content is updated and is changed regularly.  Pages quickly fall off the main index page and are then considered “inner pages”.

Does this mean that links obtained on these pages have little or no value to the sites they are linking to?  The answer is a resounding no.  A link obtained on these pages is still considered a link.  It will add value to the site being linked to.  The fact this page has little or no PR is of no consequence.  The key to the value added has to do directly with the relevance of the content to the site being linked to.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines indicates “Your site’s ranking in Google search results is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to you. The quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating.” and again states “It is not only the number of links you have pointing to your site that matters, but also the quality and relevance of those links.”

The important thing to remember is that just because an inner page currently has no PageRank, does not mean that there will never be any PageRank on that particular page.  As content matures, it generally does gain in PR as other sites link to this content.  Plus, if the website submits a sitemap on a regular basis, then these pages will get indexed, and can be passed PR from the High PR domain.

What is important here is that users not concentrate on getting PageRank.  While this is important, the best traffic that can be driven towards any site is targeted traffic that has relevant anchor text, from relevant sites.  For example, if I have a site on outboard boat motors, getting a link from a site about boating would be considered to have a high relevance.  This will provide added value to the site being linked to and any traffic to the site on outboard boat motors will benefit from the traffic from a site on boats.  It has a chance of converting into revenue.

While Google does state that PR is a reflection of the importance of a website, it is not the only factor that determines ranking.  Sites with a relatively low PageRank still rank well, primarily because they are well optimized and the links coming to those sites is from other relevant sites, with relevant anchor tags for the links.

No one knows that secret formula being used to determine the importance of sites and how well a site will rank in Google and the other search engines.  This is done primarily to protect the integrity of the search engines

My recommendation, keep linkbuilding from relevant sites, and where possible, use relevant anchor text for the links.  Keep writing and posting original content and links will be obtained naturally.  Plus, if you do have an opportunity to obtain a link from a High PR domain, if it is relevant, take the opportunity to get the link.

Good luck and happy linking!

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  1. almir says:

    wow great post it was truly interesting you offered a lot of useful information that can truly help anyone i sure learned a lot from it it did answer many of the questions i once had because i wasn’t so sure how the whole inner linking process worked or whether it was a great idea but i now understand the whole scenario thanks to you chao!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Barry,

    Can you please expand on the topic of Relevant Anchor Tags for links.

    Thanks Barry, Great Blog!

    Spirit of Hockey Fundraising Ltd.

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