Make Millions from Blogging

Are you making money serious money from your blog?

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re not and you’re not alone.  Many have fallen victim to the promises of easy riches and the hype about how some bloggers make millions from their sites.

Making money blogging is possible but the riches you seek don’t come over night.

If you look at the successful “bloggers” they aren’t truly bloggers.  Sure they write content, publish articles and provide advice but they are less about blogging and more about marketing.

The successful bloggers hook you with the promises of riches, provide just enough information to keep you coming back, offer many things for free and once you’re hooked and keep coming back, they “sell” you something.

Their whole idea isn’t about building a blog, offering great content and throwing up a few ads on the site and “hoping” it pays off.  The real trick to making money online through blogs is a well crafted formula that relies on anything but third party advertising programs.

I’m not saying you can’t make a living of Google Adsense.  What I am saying the effort to make money through Google Adsense is that much greater than other ways of monetizing a site.

I do quite well from third party advertising programs but it is only one aspect of what I do online.

It’s an easy formula when we step back and analyze what we do online.

Blogs are only one aspect of online activity.  It provides a way to reach out and attract readers to our sites and allows for the development of a certain social influence.  Through blogs we can watch, listen and learn about what is important to our audience and more importantly have some influence over their actions once we’ve established a more social relationship.

You can leverage your social influence and capitalize on your “goodwill” through a variety of mechanisms such as:

  • direct selling
  • affiliate marketing
  • sponsorships

This is very evident when you visit those blogs allowing the owners to make a very large income from their online efforts.  It has nothing to do with their blogs but more of how they market their blogs and leverage their social influence to their advantage.

Blogging for a living is just the tip of what many are doing online to make millions.  Analyze what they’re doing, avoid the hype and you’ll soon be on your way.

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