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An often overlooked portion of blogging is the marketing aspect.  Blogging isn’t just about writing content and hoping people find out about you.  If you are a serious blogger it’s like any other business venture and has to be promoted and marketed to be successful.

Part of this involves networking with other bloggers as well as with your readers and there is no better way to reach out to bloggers in your niche than becoming a guest blogger on their site.  It is one of the best form of networking and relationship building you can use.

Guest posts are one of the best marketing strategies you can employ as a blogger for a number of reasons.  It provides you with some credibility in your niche.  Having another blog trust you and publish your article is an endorsement of you as a blogger.  Becoming a successful guest blogger will raise your online social capital.

Additionally, a guest post provides an opportunity to expand your readership and your subscriber count.  Those reading your guest post article will be likely to visit your site and if they are intrigued by the content on your blog, they will likely stay.

Guest posts also provide a way for you to get a link back to your site.  This doesn’t mean you will be permitted to link to your sales page or directly to your own content.

In many cases this will be discouraged and in many cases it’s not permitted at all.

Keep in mind you are a guest.  Your article must provide benefit to the blog you’re writing for.  Direct linking to your own content destroys any aspect of transparency or credibility for you, the article itself and the blog allowing it.

Blog readers are savvy enough to recognize self-promotion for what it is.  Write your articles as objectively as you can if you need to link to a site for illustration purposes, make an effort to avoid your own personal sites.

So you’re now asking how backlinks are obtained from a guest post.

While direct linking to your own content is generally not permitted, most blogs include a short bio about the author.  Here you will be permitted to link back to your blog (generally your main URL), Twitter account or Facebook profiles.  From here the blog readers can decide if they want to visit your site, follow you on Twitter or befriend you on Facbook.

With these benefits in mind, what’s next?

Find a blog in your niche that is accepting guest posts and familiarize yourself with their guidelines for writers.  Read through their content to get an idea of what they are looking for and to give you some ideas of what you may want to contribute.

It’s also a great idea to read through comments posted by readers.  This will give you an idea of how the readers are being engaged and the type of information they may want to read.

You should also ensure the blog itself has a good reputation throughout the blogosphere.  Writing for a less than stellar blog could potentially harm your reputation and the links you obtained may harm your search ranking.

Once you are comfortable with the blog, their guidelines and you’ve selected a topic, it’s time to step up to the plate and start writing.

You have to make a great impression and it’s wise to write and re-write your article to ensure it’s compelling.  Vent it through other writers in your network and ask them for their input.

You want to hit a homerun with your guest post and show the blog and its readers you are worth the read.

Enjoy your new found success as a guest blogger.  Remember, it is not about the link but about marketing yourself and your blog.

What are your thoughts on guest post?  Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to become an effective guest blogger?

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