Merry Christmas from Newfoundland

Merry Christmas from my family here in Newfoundland, Canada.

This year has been a very busy yet rewarding year for me professionally and personally.  After having a successful career in the information technology industry for over 25 years, I finally started several blogs, grew my online presence, experimented with SEO and released two free comprehensive guides all in the span of 12 months.

With Christmas here now is a time to reflect and to evaluate the truly important things in life.  For me, I always struggle with having a balance between family and work.  There is always something to do work-related but this year I found time to have a balance that brought me closer to my community and to my family.  I’ve continued to volunteer in my community and to enjoy the rewards that online life has brought me.

Here’s some of the pictures that I’ve taken in the last few weeks leading up to the holiday season showing that there’s always time to sit, smile and enjoy the company of those around you.  My favourite picture is the first one take on Christmas Eve when my niece was wired waiting for Santa Claus to come.  I guess she didn’t expect to see me when she opened her bedroom door and walked out.  The look on her face was priceless.

Who are you Looking At?

Working One Evening Before Christmas

My Aunt - Doesn't she look like an Elf?

Santa visited our House on Christmas Eve

Santa Rocks On Before Leaving on Christmas Eve

Thanks for all those who have made my year a success and a special thanks to my family for supporting me through the year.  May you have a very safe holiday season and may your new year be more prosperous than the last.

Take care and see you in 2010.

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Barry Wheeler is a blogger, novice SEO, geek and passionate Newfoundlander. Operating several successful websites and online communities, Barry has started exploring the social internet and its impact on all facets of society including personal life and business relationships. Find Barry on Twitter @barrywheeler and FaceBook or on his website Barry Wheeler - Blogging for Success.
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4 Responses to Merry Christmas from Newfoundland

  1. These are great!!! I love them. Thanks for sharing them for the project, Barry. I’s the b’y. : )

    • bwheeler says:

      Chris, next time you’re in Newfoundland you’ll have to let me know. I would love to take you on the George Street Pub Crawl! 🙂 And if you’re on the West Coast of the island where I live, we can tour Gros Morne or even hit the slopes at Marble Mountain!

  2. Juandy says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my site, Merry Christmas and Wish you A Great Fortune in your Online Business…

    It’s nice to see if we can cooperate in some ways to benefit from each other…. 🙂

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