MoviePix MP5A4 Digital Video Camera

MoviePix MP5A4 Digital Video CameraTonight was an interesting night.  I purchased a MoviePix MP5A4 Digital Video Camera, something that was not my first choice in a digital video camera, but we all do things we regret later.

Setting out to buy a digital video camera that would allow me to take some quick digital video, have decent quality and that wouldn’t break the bank when buying it.  My first thoughts on which digital video camera was Flip Video, perhaps the Flip Ultra or the Ultra-HD, both available for under $200.  At the local Wal-Mart I visited, the only option available was the Flip Ultra for $126, which was reasonable considering the MSRP is $149 for this digital video camera.

The reviews of the Flip Ultra were decent, and the video quality that I had seen was more than adequate for my uses.  The salesperson passed one out and then in passing mentioned another digital video camera that was available.  It offered HD video at 720p, a better zoom, rechargeable lithium ion battery, case, bigger LCD screen and expandable memory.  The features that attracted me were the availability of HD recording, rechargeable lithium ion battery and expandable memory – I already owned several SD cards.

The name of the camera was MoviePix MP5A4 by Mercury (  Offering 8 mega pixel recording and many features that seemed “too good to be true”, I was a little hesitant about buying it.  From what I could tell just by looking at the camera, it seemed about the same quality as the Flip Ultra, but it was difficult telling without actually having it in hand.  It cost $1.00 more than the Flip Ultra, and what risk was there to buying?  Wal-Mart offered a nice 14 day return policy on the digital video camera.

On impulse, I changed my mind, thinking that maybe, just maybe that it was possible to get a great deal at Wal-mart (I did have my doubts).

Coming home, I pulled the thing out of the packaging, and immediately I realized it was a mistake in buying this.  The camera itself was light-weight, offered all the features promised, but its craftsmanship left so much to be desired.

The controls of the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera are of very poor quality construction.  The zoom lever appears as if it would break without effort, and the macro/normal button takes about 3 – 4 attempts to move.  The record, play, rewind and fast forward buttons are “ok” but not the best quality.  Overall I would rate the controls of the MoviePix MP5A4 camera a 4/10.

The operation of the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera was nowhere near the quality promised.  Video taken in HD mode with the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera was no better than what I had taken with my other digital cameras.  Still pictures taken in still camera mode was nowhere near the quality of pictures taken with my 6 megapixel digital camera.

My next frustration was with trying to get the pictures and video downloaded to my laptop.  It’s been 2 hours and I have yet to get it to work.  Even trying to read the SD card directly was of no use.  The video and pictures were nowhere to be found on the SD card.  I gave up!  That’s why there’s no video or pictures from the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera on this blog post.

Playback mode to my HDTV worked ok.  My Sony Bravia HDTV did detect the signal coming from the video camer as 720p.  It was an easy hookup as the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera came with component video cables.

Maybe in all my geekdom I couldn’t figure out how to use the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera.  I’m not 100% sure what went wrong but I do know for certain I will be returning the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera to Wal-mart in the morning.

My overall rating of the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera is about a 2/10.  I was very disappointed and would not recommend anyone purchase the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera.

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15 Responses to MoviePix MP5A4 Digital Video Camera

  1. its very informative for business developer. And I think video marketing like business videos are very important for any kind of business large or small

  2. gone shopping says:

    Thank you for your review of the MoviePix MP5A4 digital video camera… I was going to buy this as a grade 8 graduation gift for my daughter, but after reading your review decided not to.

  3. Leti says:

    The same happened to me. It took me hours to figure it out, but it turns out that it records the video to the camera memory which I could never find access to from the menu on that cd it has. So after i formated the card it appeared as a memory stick when i plug the cam to the computer.

    My problem with the cam is that its outrageously dark! If i film indoors i cant see ANYTHING, its basically sound and some shadows moving. I changed the settings to dark, to electric light, to outdoor, i tried it all, and the video looks exactly the same no matter what.

  4. Mihai P says:

    This review is very useful. It’s ggod to know that Sony, Canon and other big guys may have some more affordable alternatives, but is also good to know about them, in advancem, if possible.

    Another comment, with regards to Walmart’s cheapness. Well, this just conforms it, while prices may be cheaper, their offerings are also cheap, in quality, too many times now.

    Thank you.

  5. r says:

    Here we go again…someone who wants a sony camcorder for 150 bucks..gosh..and you were dissapointed..hmm..funny you couldnt get the video onto your computer..either your a technical retard or the feature just doesnt work…well there are TONS of videos posted on youtube that show video..taken by ordinary people..using this camera.. I bought this camera for my 8 year old and he can use it no problem..I give this review a 2/10 and wouldnt recommend it to anyone..

    • bwheeler says:

      Normally I would ignore comments from people such as yourself especially given the circumstances that surround this comment. You take an interesting point of view and destroy any credibility that your comment has, especially seeing how you don’t leave your name or a valid email address.

      As for being (how was you put it) – a technical retard – I obviously have a better understanding of the English language (check out the your vs you’re debate here – I’m assuming that you haven’t quite grasped the difference in the two just yet.

      Why were you searching for reviews on this camera? Did you have buyer’s remorse? Obviously there was something that prompted you to do a search for “MoviePix MP5a4 Digital Camera Review”, the keywords that brought you to my site. Were you having problems? Was the camera not performing as it was designed to?

      While your 8-year old may be able to use it without problems, it’s interesting that many others have contacted me via email and thanked me for my honest review. Others have contacted me indicating they have experienced the exact same problems and held the same impression about this camera as I. I guess we’re all “technical retards”. The fact that you used these words in your comment makes me wonder if you are not 8-years old yourself.

      You are so very wrong in thinking that I was looking for a Sony camcorder for $150 – I was looking for a small pocket camera as I indicated in the review, not a full featured camcorder. However, sacrificing quality for price should not be an option with cameras available such as those offered by Flip, Kodak and RCA. If I wanted a full featured camcorder, I would have purchased something quite different. Take the review in the context for it was written.

      While you are entitled to your opinions, they are not credible or valid if they are going to be posted anonymously. You can keep your slurs to yourself (aka the “technical retard” comment) and keep surfing on by. If you care to post your review of this camera, I will gladly provide you the web space to post your review. However, it’s highly unlikely that you will take me up on the offer seeing how you prefer to be anonymous.

      For those who wish to read about which camera I ultimately purchased, check out my review of the Kodak Zi6 Camera Review. It’s a much better camera for a reasonable price.

  6. Dave Stevens says:

    Ummmm…I just bought this camera and had no trouble transferring video to my computer.

    Also, the picture is fine in regular light conditions.

    The only three things I don’t like about it so far are that the zoom controls are very fragile looking and feeling (as mentioned in the review) , and the swivel mount for the LCD screen is also kind of fragile looking compared to other cameras I have. The third thing is that the still image shooting was not good in that you had to be perfectly still to get a clear shot, but that is not why I bought a camcorder – I bought it to shoot HD video, which it does well.

    All that being said – it only cost me $130 Canadian at Wal-mart. My Panasonic camcorder is more robust, but it cost almost $500.

    Also, I checked out some of the sample videos others were shooting on Youtube with this camera, and they look good. My own test shots looked fine as well.

    I think you are being too harsh in your review.

    • bwheeler says:

      I don’t feel that I’m being harsh in my review. I spent a little more than the $130 that you spent at Walmart, purchased the Kodak Zi6 and have a much better camera. For $130 you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for functionality.

  7. Rachel says:

    my sister got a movie pix high deffintion camcorder and i have been using it since she has not. I have been having the same problem , i tryied to put a video of my band on the computer and it fricken wouldn’t work, its like my computer didnt detect it or something.

    • bwheeler says:


      You’re not the only person that has this problem. Some people think that because you spend $150 that you should not be pleased with the product. This camera leaves a lot to be desired.

  8. Dave Spragge says:

    Did you have the latest version of MPEG-4 Codec installed? See:
    If not, that’s probably why you had problems and other people didn’t. If you do, I have bupkus. My wife just received one of these as a reward from her employer. I hope we can get some use out of it. I may post a review of my own, depending on our experiences with it. (and my energy level, and whether I remember to…)

  9. BrocK McRock says:

    I just got one these cameras from for like 60 bucks. No problems at all. plug and play picture and video using the software that the company provides, makes it easy to upload, plus it gives you editing software that is decent. I filmed a hawk the other day from 10 feet away , i saw that the playback was a little shakey but then again i was staringing into the eyes of what could have possibly been my demise. The only thing i dont like, the on cam controls are very limited. Other than that slap an 8g HC SD card in and go. Ifyou want to see video email me i’ll send you a link.

  10. edwin says:

    can you charge it through your computer?

  11. rudy says:

    I have purchased a Camescope MP5A4 (pix),i believed i goofed when i first used it,i do not remember is f i fulled loaded the battery or not.Now it load only approx 5-10%. Is their a way to correct my gross mistake,i should’f know better. I tried to find a place to purchase one or find is it the battery or !!!!!!!!!. Any and all help will be greatly appriciated. By the way i live just est of Montreal,Qc.

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