My Crappy Ford Ranger Purchased at Humber Motors Ford

My 2008 Ford Ranger 4×4 is a piece of crap and I apologize to crap for associating it with a Ford Ranger.  Humber Motors Ford in Corner Brook, Newfoundland was the Ford dealership that sold me this vehicle.  Needless to say that Humber Motors Ford and Ford will never see my business again for another vehicle.

Ford Ranger - Humber Motors FordIn August 2007 I purchased a 2008 Ford Ranger 4×4 pickup truck – supporting the North American automobile manufacturers and going against my better judgement.  I had experience with Dodge trucks in the past, wasn’t happy with the quality of the truck or the service.  I wanted a small truck and spoke with several people who had purchased Ford Rangers and had dealt with Humber Motors Ford before.  They gave the trucks a pretty good rating but warned me that Humber Motors Ford was difficult to deal with – I should have listened more closely.

What’s the problem with my crappy Ford Ranger?  The airbag light comes on and stays on, indicating a problem with the air bag system.  To me, this is a BIG deal.  The airbag system is a major part of the truck’s safety system.  If the air bag light is indicating something wrong with the airbag sytem, I want it repaired.

The first time the airbag light came on was in October 2007.  Humber Motors Ford reset the code and said that all was fine.  Strangely enough, when I picked up the vehicle from the dealership, the airbag light was still on.

Humber Motors Ford made an appointment to have another look at my crappy Ford Ranger and then had the truck in their garage for approximately 6 – 8 weeks before the problem was “resolved”.  This was before I noticed the dash of my Ford Ranger had been damaged.  Great service from Humber Motors Ford in Corner Brook, Newfoundland (note the sarcasm).  They even blamed me for damaging the dash.

Since December 2007, my crappy Ford Ranger has been back twice for air bag related issues.  Same airbag light and each time Humber Motors Ford “repaired” the problem.

It’s now May 2009 and guess what?  My crappy Ford Ranger has the airbag light lit once again, indicating another problem with the airbag system.  Fortunately, I have an appointment at Humber Motors Ford later this week for a regular maintenance.  I am hoping they will take a look at what is causing this problem and once again “repair” the problem.

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle, I would not consider the Ford Ranger as an option.  If you are considering purchasing from Humber Motors Ford in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, ask around and see what others are saying about this dealership.  My experiences have not been the greatest with Humber Motors Ford.

It all goes back to some of the things that I previously said about the North American auto manufacturers and the government bailouts.  Let these companies fail.  They produce crap products, offer poor service and think that as consumers we should be obligated to purchase North American vehicles.

Hello!  Get with the program.  Produce a vehicle that doesn’t have to go in the garage every few months to have the same problem “repaired” and maybe, just maybe consumers will buy the vehicles.

Needless to say that I’m a wee bit pissed at my crappy Ford Ranger and having to make another trip to Humber Motors Ford to have the same problem “repaired” again.  Both Humber Motors Ford and Ford Canada says its a “warranty” issue and that it will be dealt with under their “warranty” – but what happens with me when my crappy Ford Ranger has no warranty?  Will Humber Motors Ford and Ford Canada do anything for me then?  I highly doubt it.

** Update **

I went to purchase a new $40,000 Ford F-150 truck, hoping to give Humber Motors Ford and Ford Canada another chance.  It didn’t work out too well.  Humer Motors Ford in Corner Brook refused to sell me a new truck.  Read about my ongoing issues with Humber Motors Ford and how they refused to sell me a new Ford Truck.

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  1. Silverhawk says:

    *clears her voice and signs*

    “Wrote off a red Ford Ranger..(Ranger)
    wrapped around a hydro pole.. (a pole)
    got out and called a taxi.. (taxi)
    thought that i’d report ‘er stole (she stole)

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